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  City Avon , CT
  Zip Code 06001
  Address 152 Simsbury Rd
  Phone Number (860) 470-0880

Amber takes gymnastic here twice a week and LOVES it! We go to mommy and me classes. This is a chance that a mom and baby truely get to bond by interacting in the different activities. Plus Amber is getting an early start on tumbling and gymnastics! We have so mush fun here. And the owner is so nice.

Our girls just love going to The Little Gym. They not only learn a bit of gymnastics but they get to be kids!

FYI - this location has closed it's doors without any notice to any members prior. The letter on the door says they were evicted. but the owners Donna and Stephen Rains had no problems taking my money for the Fall semester knowing they were going to close! Donna even over charged me and in trust I told her to keep the credit for my Spring Semester. The really sad part is my son loved going there so much! It was the highlight of mine and his week! I am deeply saddened that I have now lost touch with those families he went to class with! I would 100% attend a Little Gym again if there was one close - but I would never do business with Donna or Stephen Rains again as they blattenly lied to thier clients who were moms just trying to interact with thier kids in a positive way! She took my money knowing that they were going to fold and put it directly in her own pocket (evictions don't happen over night!) She should have honestly told us what was going on, not accepted our money for future classes! I would have a lot of sympathy for her if she would have taken the high road out. Hecht - even if she would have doubled our classes that last week so we could have finished the semester with our friends and got our awards and pictures would have cost them nothing! It is just sad that we can't go anymore. We had such a wonderful class and I really loved Miss Donna! I feel betrayed and I can only hope that right now she understands that she has hurt a lot of kids!

Great place for kids to take gymnastics classes. Very kid friendly environment - lots of experience with small children. FABULOUS place to have birthday parties. You provide the cake and the favors, they have the cups, plates, napkins, forks, spoons, drinks, and balloons. They server the cake, bag the gifts and cleanup too!

The Little Gym of Hasbrouck Heights is excellent! My child has been there since January 2007. He loves it and so do I.He has learned so much! The staff is unbelievable. They concentrate on each and every student. They are the sweetest people. If you are looking for a gym for your child and also looking for child interaction, this is definitly the place. Keep up the good work Little Gym.!

My son as been going to Little Gym since he was about 5 months old. This is a great place for him to learn socialization, and new skills. They teach them sommersaults, walking on beams, bars and lots of other fun things. When we first started my son wasn't even rolling over, now at 11 months he is walking. He loves going and I think he wishes it was more than once a week.

My 14 month old daughter loves it. She enjoys the various play structures and the different activities that are being shown to her. As a parent, it is a safe and warm environment for my child to play.

My son and I joined The Little Gym last semester and its been the best thing I've found yet. Each week we enjoy a fun filled hour in our imaginary under water adventure or even blasting thru outer space all while learning great motor skills like balance and control. My son has become more focused, and works well in groups and the instructors alway make it fun. Besides gymnastics they offer mommy and me, tot classes. karate, parent survival nights, and birthday parties. Try out a free class!

LOVE The Little Gym in Poway! My 8 month old and 4 year old take classes there and they look forward to it all week!

For the cost of throwing a great party yourself this place is a steal! They are totally organized and keep the kids moving! Better yet they keep a gift registry while the gifts are being opened so you know exactly who gave what. The best thing of all.No Clean Up!

We love Little Gym. I have a big girl (11) and a little girl (2)- and both love their weekly visit to Little Gym, We've been taking the big girl for almost 3 years, and the little one started with the class for babies and has been taking it every since. I think the noncompetitve atmosphere and the opportunity to make friends has been great for them both. I highly recommend it for parents looking for a fun, athletic experience for their kids!

My toddler can't wait to go to The Gym every week, she absolutely loves it and her teachers. The staff is extremely energetic and positive. I love The Gym because she is learning so much, not only about gymanastics but how to play with others, listen to a lesson, follow directions, and take risks. Most of all she has fun. From going to the gym I feel she will be more ready to attend a school setting in a few years. What a blessing.

My daughter just started going here in July. She is two and very shy, this place is great for her to interact with other toddlers. It's clean, the staff is so helpful, they even have a room for birthday parties and they will do everything from invitations to clean up. I am really pleased with The Little Gym of Clearlake!

My daughter took the beasts and superbeasts level classes here and loved every minute. We were happy with the instructors and the classes! I would definitely recommend this branch of the Little Gym to anyone!

Got a free trial class for my daughter. Everyone really friendly. Looks like a lot of fun!

The staff has been excellent with my kids, focus on self esteem. my kids love going to the classes, though little gym does games and other activities, not just gymnastics in that hour. the gym allows you to make up classes you have missed, which is a huge plus.

My 18 mon. old daughter had a blast! She even went to sit on the teachers lap after only 15 min. I will recomend this to all the mothers I know!