Personal Training Institute is a unique organization providing customized one-on-one fitness and nutrition programs to people looking to improve their overall health and general lifestyle.

We established our concept in 1987 when co-founders Evelyn Knapp M.S. and Carol Kur M.S.R.D. started a personalized strength training and weight loss facility. We showed that training which targets muscle strength and optimal nutrition achieves better results in less time than the competitor programs. Relying on a combination of custom-made workout session, nutrition counseling, motivation techniques and best in the business exercise equipment, our programs provided great success to participants from first time exercisers to advanced athletes. This became the foundation for what is now the most prestigious and effective chain of exercise and nutrition centers backed by a skilled staff of certified personal trainers, nutritionists and business professionals.

Our Mission is focused on results: to educate, motivate and direct our customers to get optimal health and well being through a lifetime of balanced fitness and nutrition. We work as a team with positive focused energy to transform desired goals into reality.

PTI provides a fully integrated training program that includes isolation and functional exercises that focus on areas of strength, posture, flexibility, balance, stability, nutrition, and cardiovascular health. Whether you are looking to enhance your athletic performance, lose weight or improve your overall health, PTI has a program that will cater to your every requirement. Incorporating cable based training, cardio boxing, body weight exercises, medicine balls and machines are just a few of the pieces that make the PTI workout a total package to help attain your goals

Our programs are made by exercise physiologists and nutrition professionals with the goal of producing the best results for your body type and lifestyle. There are no fad workouts, diets or special foods to buy. You will achieve great results with only two to three efficient half-hour sessions each week and regular nutritional consults.

Contact Details

  Person Evelyn Knapp M.S. and Carol Kur M.S.R.D.
  City Guilford , CT
  Zip Code 06437
  Address 995 Boston Post Rd.
  Phone Number (203) 533-4595

Business Representative

Evelyn Knapp M.S. and Carol Kur M.S.R.D.


Products & Services

Get up to 3 strength training sessions every week that you may schedule on non-consecutive days. You get a weekly private nutrition consultation and personalized program guided by a registered dietician and designed for your body type and lifestyle, and to meet your individual fitness purposes. You will also get unlimited use of our cardio studio during regular facility hours. This is the package for those who are seriously ready to get in shape, lose weight, get and stay fit.

Get up to 2 strength training sessions each week. You get a bi-weekly private nutrition consultation personalized just for you, your body and lifestyle, and to meet your personal fitness objectives. You will also get unlimited use of our cardio studio during regular facility hours. This is the package for those who may just need a tune-up and for those with very demanding schedules.

You receive one full hour with a PTI Certified Personal Fitness Trainer consisting of 12 minutes of supervised cardio in your target heart rate zone, 30 minutes of strength training using the latest technology in exercise equipment, 15 minutes of assisted stretching and a 3 minute cool down period. This is an exercise program with total One-to-One attention to guide you and encourage you toward your individual fitness goals. Weekly visits with your individual nutritionist are also included. This is the program for those who are serious about changes in their fitness profile and those who are getting prepared for a big event like a wedding or other special occasion requiring you to look and feel your best.

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  • 1 on 1 training, motivating, knowledgeable, very easy to work with
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I 1st joined PTI in Guilford! CT a year ago, and they have been nothing short of a life saver! From being totally sedentary and anti-exercise, I now work out 3x/week with one of their trainers, and 3x/week cardio on my own. I've lost 24 lbs., 7" off my hips, 6" off my waist and dropped 3 pant sizes. I run in local races and am in the process of applying to the police department, which has always been a dream for me. I look and feel healthier than I've ever been! And can't wait to see the continued transformation my body will make over the next year.

Value for moneyWork 1 on 1 w/a trainer, nutrition, open door
Service & supportMotivating, upbeat, knowledgeable, always willing to listen
QualityClean, new machines
LocationRight on Rte. 1
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

Testimonial from Tim Mundahl

Lost 50 Pounds
Gained Lean Muscle Mass

"...before I knew it my body was changing and my clothes were getting saggy. Now fifty pounds down, I feel fantastic and my friends and family so proud. PTI has changed my life."

Testimonial from Joe Curio

Lost 86 Pounds
Lost 13% Body Fat
Lost 10 Inches Off Waist

I started working out at PTI in Commack in May of 2009. I played baseball in college for two years until in 2004 shoulder and knee injuries forced me to hang up my glove. Five years later I had gone from 220/225 lbs to 310 lbs and decided I needed to do something. My knees were sore and I knew the weight wasnt helping. My mom had joined PTI and told me about it and it sounded good but it took a few convincing phone calls from Jessica to finally get me in there! I cannot tell you how supportive and helpful the staff is.

Within the first 2 weeks I was down 8 lbs. 7 Months later I hit the 250 lb mark, which I never thought Id hit again let alone that quick. Today, it has been about 11 months and I am down 86 lbs! My pant size has dropped from a 44 to a 38 and the 38s are getting loose! Being able to accomplish this has given me such a big confidence boost. The energy I get from working out again has helped me be effective at my jobs - I dont get as tired and my knees dont hurt from standing. The weight loss has become quite a conversation starter! It really goes to show you that a little hard work and some help from the right people will go a long way and I really cant thank them enough.

Testimonial from Kim Larkin, 31

Lost 30 Pounds
Lost 6% Body Fat
Lost 21 inches

I cannot begin to thank you for the incredible support I have received from the PTI staff. The progress I have made in just 6 months has far exceeded my expectations. I truly believe the key to my success was the opportunity to meet with the nutritionist every week. I had no idea going into this how much it would change my life. I have received so many compliments and I immediately tell everyone how I accomplished my goal. Thank you for making 2008 the first year in a long time that my New Year's resolution is NOT to lose