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Get Fit with an ACE Certified and Degree in Nutrition and Fitness Personal Trainer in your own home. Will bring any equipment necessary. Also, now selling Shakeology. Devonne is a certified, experienced, knowledgeable personal trainer that will show up at your door with all of the equipment we need to get you into shape.

Metro Personal Training is a well equipped training studio situated in the middle of Clayton. MPT caters to a diverse array of customers with a array of fitness aims. Some are trying to improve their athletic performance, while others want to reach a more toned physique.

Ultimate Potential Fitness was created by a licensed physical therapist to help healthy persons and individuals with complicated, but stable medical conditions to reach their aims through effective and safe exercise programming. After working within the healthcare industry as a physical therapist and in the fitness industry as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer, Sarah Fuehne, MPT, identified

We believe we currently have an awesome opportunity to aid people achieve their fitness aims. We aim to set the standard in this area by having a positive and welcoming environment. This is acheived through our educated and encouraging team. Each member of the St. Louis Fitness Club staff possesses superb client service skills, has the clients' finest interest in mind, and truly wants to aid others

Today's society is learning the true value of what it means to stay healthy and be fit. We underestimate the strength of exercise and proper nutrition. For over 39 years, HammerBodies Custom Fitness has been committed to training and educating Americans on the importance of fitness, nutrition and health.

Regular testing enables each student to earn confidence and motivation to goal for the next belt level. In addition to increased strength and flexibility, your child will meet new friends and have FUN! Sign-up now while spaces are still available. St. Louis Self Defense & Fitness is adding a new class to our fitness track. Check out our new Kettlebell Classes taught by our certified instructors.

If you're using a PC at work you should contact your IT-administrator. We provide a range of group exercise classes like ABBlast, CardioPump, CoreCamp, FitCamp, Zumba, Pilates, PowerPump, Spinning, TurboKick & Yoga! No rust or archaic equipment here, only the highest in resistance training from the finest names in fitness equipment: Star Trac and Nautilus.

Sant Fitness & Wellness provides you a comfortable place to find the balance needed for a life of longevity, energy and happiness. Rediscover your passion for life in a world-class facility befitting the name Chase Park Plaza. Contact us to receive updates regarding news and events, and to receive a complimentary Lifestyle Assessment.

Visit our pretty, friendly studio to explore, grow and improve your fitness and health. Pilates awakens new strength of body and mind. Yoga opens doors to awareness and flexibility inside and out. Massage can bring you to a deeper place of release and relaxation. Our experienced team i have been teaching for 16 years greets you by name and assists you create individual aims for balance and self-care.

Are you living your life to its fullest potential? V Fit, a private, exclusive individual training studio, has already founded itself around the St. Louis Metropolitan area by providing domestic services to customers whose busy schedules doesn't always enable them to consistently attend a gym. With the opening of our location at 1013 S. 18 th.

... Come check out our 40 new Spinning bikes! St. Louis Spinning is an exceptional indoor stationary cycling program established in the 1980s by world-class cyclist Jonathan Goldberg, a.k.a. Johnny G. The program brings together multipe elements of athletic training to people of all ages and fitness levels..

Check out the before and after results from 2008 ALIVE Magazine's Ultimate Makeover Contest! Need to shed weight from '08? Spin towards your aim-get lean with this 45-minute high energy, low impact cardio workout. Stretch your way to a better day! Reach to increase flexibility, balance and core strength during this 60-minute yoga routine.

An American Council on Exercise preferred organization. A You Can! campaign partner with the Administration on Aging. A proud supporter of the Caimi Foundation and Heart-Felt Fitness FUNd raisers. An advocate of the NHLBI Heart Truth Campaign. Number of visitors to this site since June 15, 2007. The sensible choice for sensible people!

CCs Elite Training System, offers classes for all ages and skill levels. Fitness Kickboxing is a no contact, high impact way to stay in shape. Mixed Martial Arts will give you a well rounded education in the martial arts. Fourth Degree Blackbelt and Chief Instructor Cathy Consolino's classes are a fun way to earn the skills and training you seek. NEW - View video of our classes!

This is your home for CEU/CEC's approved by ACE, AFAA, ISSA, NASM, NATA, NSCA, and a multitude of other individual training certifications. Choose between online, home course, and workshop options. Browsing courses is even easier now that you can filter for courses approved through your certifying organizations. All courses come with 24hr access to electronic files and videos tutorials.

Before you move a muscle we look at your strengths and weaknesses, inside and out. You get one-on-one attention through every phase, all in a private setting. We'll aid you plan a diet and monitor your daily intake. Workouts and diets are not the only answers to fitness. There are other influences that affect our health.