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This place is AWESOME. The best Curves I have ever been to! I recommend to anyone looking for a fun place to workout.

Great results! If you follow their plans, you will succeed.

I couldn't work for a better gym, I would never go to another as a client.

The staff acted like H.S students and the facility is old, tiles broken, dirt on the floor and the pool hadn't been repaired in years! Numerous calls to my cell phone to get my business after I declined! For $6 bucks more a month I can go to a NEW gym 7 days a week!

This club has everything I was looking for. Their spin is AWESOME and the open style club is GREAT! The entire staff was friendly and helped me when I needed it! This is a huge difference compared to the other clubs around that I went to. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

I trained at world gym during and after its move to the new location. i am a competitor and i found the club to be neat, clean and highly functional. Ric was the manager in late 2005 and early 2006; he went well out of his way to talk and help me when i needed it. i recommend this World Gym

The classes are the best of all 24 hr fitness establishments.

This is the first time i have ever gone tanning indoors and the people at sunchain tanning were just awesome. They helped explained how to use the bed, if i needed lotion, how long i should go in for. It was also very clean and the tanning beds work great! I loved it!

FYI - this location has closed it's doors without any notice to any members prior. The letter on the door says they were evicted. but the owners Donna and Stephen Rains had no problems taking my money for the Fall semester knowing they were going to close! Donna even over charged me and in

This is a great gym. Lots of equipment.

This is a very nice clean gym. The classes are great especially the spin class and salsa class, everyone is a big help. Would recommend this gym to everyone interested in toning or loosing weight.

I had been tanning with Sunchain for a year and a half and I have to say that I have never been dissappointed. The staff is very friendly and always remember your name. I always look forward to being greeted when I first come in and the staff never fails to do so! Unfortunately, I stopped going

The gym has pretty good classes - I like the spin classes. The class instructors vary - the good ones are great, the not so good are definitely ones to miss. But for the most part they are great. The biggest problem with the gym is all of the dead or dying equipment. They should have enough

Great staff! Spacey and not bumping elbows with others! Sweet exercise room and free weight room! The personal training is THE BOMB! Smoothies, tan and massage within walking distance! Chiropractor on premises on Thursdays (I think it's Thursdays!) TGIF right next door (After workout celebration!)

This is the best fitness center I have EVER been to. You work with doctors, Physical therapists, nutritionist, chiroprator, and a trainer. I have some serious health issues and I improved tremendously since going there. The price is very competitive with other centers, and because everything

I love this club, it's clean, open 24-7, great equipment and the staff is great. I can get in and workout when I want to. The personal trainers are great too!

The managment and the personnel is not trained very well to run a business. If they want to be successful and make the clients happy,they should reconsider their PR abilities and performance. (The Gilbert one)

Wow! All I can say is WOW! You have not worked until you have worked out at MaxxedOut. Best workout EVER! I actually got to workout with Vernon Maxwell personally.

If you sign up for the week trial, they will hound you to join. I got 4 calls in 3 days, all with Special Deals that were going to expire soon and that I needed to sign up to get the great deal. I decided not to join strictly on the hard-sell. Overall, it seemed like a nice gym.

Awesome owners, very pleasant environment.

WORKS IN THE FIELD.Very bad company, these people will nickel and dime you to death so please be aware!

Its average rathole gym.others are better just that WORLD GYM is LESS MONEY for me.first reviewer is correct NOT enough benches in locker room and rug is FILTHY

Its a great gym. wonderful service. it also has a great varity of excersize exupitment [how ever you spell that] =]]

I couldn't ask for a better gym! I recently joined and saw it hasn't been reviewed lately. I go numerous times a day and there is always someone there cleaning/sanitizing the equipment, the staff is really friendly and anything I could want to work out on is there. There are no ken and barbie

Clean, friendly, great equipment selection. Age variety of members. Never a hassel to workout.

I love this gym but it has the worst circulation/ventilation of any gym I've ever attended. Do not even attempt to go upstairs to work out because you will get hot and sweaty just walking up the stairs. It smells like sweat and it seems like there is no air conditioning upstairs. Other than

I love Curves! When I first went in I admit I thought.Is this really gonna work? Let me be the first to tell you that it does! In a months time I lost 1 everywhere. I've been going for 3 months and I can fit in a size that I haven't been able to in 3 years. The people there are friendly and

Or a fancy fitness center. This is where you go to work out and get results. The number and variety of machines is incredible. Personally, I pretty much stick to the free weights and there's plenty of those too. The place is clean and well maintained with plenty of help available if needed.

I was excited about trying this form of yoga, and have attended about 6 or 7 classes. I have come to find out that the fee structure is different for each person, with one person paying $90.00 a month while I was paying a 3 month payment amounting to approx. $166 per month. I just read the

Gritty, and in a rough(ish) part of town, this decidely old school boxing gym, owned by Harwood Hamilton, is the place to get a no holds barred, complete body workout. Exepct to use jump ropes, medicine balls, large tires and sledge hammers as part of your conditioning workout, before putting

There are many good things about Gold's Gym. The staff is friendly. The place is clean for the most part. Most of the cardio has it's own television monitors mounted on it so you can watch whatever you want while doing your cardio. It is never too crowded. I have never had to wait for a machine.

I have all of my face peels done here to recover from a dog bite scar on the face and the doctors are very proffesional and they do a great job.

Was excellent, small venue with great trainers, but just closed Dec.2008! Some of the trainers relocated to Cave Creek & Cactus location.

Well I have not signed as a member yet but really liked what I saw. I was treated very professionally and the massage I received was one of the best I have ever had. I am looking forward to going back.

It's a nice place, but I really don't like the hours of the children's daycare. It closes at 1pm on the weekend! What is up with that? And they are closed for lunch? That's about the only time my husband and I can both work out and we have to take the kids with us when we meet. Other than that,

You never know what you will get. The therapist turnover is high. Prices are reasonable only if you sign a contract which deducts money from your account monthly. If you are not a member expect to pay close to $65 + for an hour.

I love the Cycling class they have. I go at least twice a week.

Amazing trainers. Really work w/ you - where you are- vs. the pressure of where a trainer thinks you need to be. Amazing workouts- challenging and fun as well as creative! Really supportive about the issues you want to work on- toning- weight loss etc. Justin (owner) is the best and will really

I did not care for sunchain no promotions and the beds are so so.They were very friendly and it was clean but I spent alot of money in there and i never recieved a birthday frrebie or thank you for being a long time customer never mailed out when there customer appreciation days were so I always

This place is a weightlifters paradise! is small and quiet, but has everything you'll need. instead of spending their budget on flat screen tvs and other gadgets to try and entice the casual gym goer, they spend it on more equipment and machines that matter. their weight section is big, theres

SWAT personal fitness training treated me with professionalism, kindness, and helped me reach my goals. They are very dedicated to individual clients.

I have been a LA Fitness member for a while now. Before I moved, I was going to the Fitness center located on like 20 st and highland. Anyways, I decided to go to a gym that was closer to my new home to cut back on driving. Bad Mistake on my end. I am a swimmer, so the fact that the pool is

The great thing about a place like LA Fitness is that it has wonderful gear, what appear to be solid classes, and a spacious facility.and the rates are fantastic as well. I paid twice as much in Albuquerque to work out in a basement with antiquated machinery. The pool is 25m long (a legit pool