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Chris Keith is a master of his craft. His workouts are challenging and he has a vast knowledge of fitness, nutrition and mechanics of the human body. His positive attitude is always uplifting and he knows just what to say to keep my head in the game. I lost 19 pounds in my first 6 weeks, 26

I bought a groupon for this local small business and the gals were great. I decided to stay on and work out with them and have never been in the shape that i am in right now! I never write reviews, but am so happy with their results, i had to! give them a try...

I paid him $500 for A LOT of sessions as he said he was going to 'up' the prices. I was unable to use those sessions I bought because he had problems with the gym he 'rented' from and took it out on us clients by completely stopping the bootcamp without notice (we found out as we were waiting

A great and comfortable place to work out. very supportive environment!

City Boxing PB is amazing. I spoke with Travis, one of the managers when I went down to check out a class. I paid $25, tried a class and then after he applied the $25 to my joining fees. I love the Gym, the instructors and the reasonable price! There is a one year contract which is cool because

Very friendly and helpful staff, equipped well, has an outdoor pool, very clean

Fabulous atmosphere and attitude to this gym. After you get over the pressure of getting signed-up for the most expensive membership by the probably commissioned people sign u up with, then the gym is great.

I disagree with the other reviews saying that this place wasn't kept clean. It IS clean. I was very hesitant to go to this gym at first coz of the reviews I read but I'm glad that when I got there, it was totally different. The place isn't very crowded which i love, and the total feel of the

I think NRC is worth the price. It has a sense of family and really takes the time to get to know their clients. It has all the state of the art machines and it doesn't have the feel of Gold's Gym (i.e. that you have to be a basketball star or a fashion model to work out there). People don't

This school has some serious problems! First of all the instructor makes a lot of claims that are not true, and he makes a lot of promises he doesn't keep. The classes are totally unorganized, nobody knows what they need to learn next. The main instructor actually asks the advanced students

I recently joined Golds and I would have to say so far I am impressed with the friendly staff and the cleanliness of their facilities, unlike 24hour fitness which is usually a dump.So you get my vote

Horrible horrible experiance! very rude! the general manager is a little prick, i forgot his name but he is very rude and thinks he is Gods gift. the gym is clean though. Again i tried to cancel my membership but they just told me to deal with and stop being a cry baby.

I don't even know why this location is still up on here. It has moved so people don't waste your time and show up cuase they have moved. I personally loved this place. Sure it wasn't the newest trending workout place, but it was a place you can go to workout. They actually had a military press

Amazing place to workout. There are so many classes throughout the week, that there are no excuses. The classes are in a intimate setting so it almost feels like you're getting personal training. Types of classes: boxing, kickboxing, mat workout, yoga, and they're about to add salsa classes.

This place is always packed. The staff is unfriendly and your close will become dirty from the uncleaned equiptment. This place will also nickle and dime you. Make sure you go in with some kind of deal. And when you quit keep the paperwork because they kept trying to charge me and an employee

In-Shape City is really conveniently located to fit in a quick workout during by lunch break. There is a lot of equipment and I really like the Cardio Theater and catching up on sports on the flat screen TVs - It really helps make my work out fly by.

This new In Shape location is genious! 19 per month! 19! It has all brand new Life Fitness, Precor, and Hammer Strength equipment. A ''Fitness Cub is a great new concept with the company. They take all the extra ammenitties away and the dues are less. Great for me as a commuter back and forth

Mr. Bill is the best, my son had a birthday party here and he and his friends had a blast, already planning the next party here.

I love's the most fun I've had while working out.


My name is John Brumbaugh; I am the owner of Fitness Solutions. Obviously a negative review about my business concerns me so I will address it. I can say with a very high degree of confidence that the negative review did not come from an actual customer of ours, I suspect a competitor. We understand

Just like the books for dummies This is a workout for dummies! I love it. If you are not a fitness buff and need a little guidence, this is great, and its alot of fun. You get a great workout, make friends and play curves games


Great Gym. Have been coming here for 3 months now and couldn't be happier. The Staff is great, the Gym is awesome. They have free classes everyday, free personal trainer(s), always able to work out comfortably. Hands down the best gym around in the 805!

Front desk assistance is very rude. machines are always dirty and atleast 3 are always in non working conditions. Its very full to where yu cant really work out. not a very good gym. i dont recommend it!

Results Fitness is the premier gym in the Santa Clarita Valley. An unbelievable system that really works. Programs are specifically designed for each individual. Lose bodyfat, gain muscle, correct muscle imbalances, get an education. This is like no other gym you've been to. They actually care

I think everyone should read all the fine print in the contract very carefully. What they tell you verbally does not cover all the conditions in the fine print, and they do not lay them out for you. I would never do business with them again as I feel they are deceptive, and tell you anything

I have trouble tanning, having somewhat fair skin. I moved here 7 months ago in look for a great place to go tanning in the oceanside area. Without mentioning names, all the places I went to didn't meet my expectations- some places were dirty, crowded, and the staff was unfriendly and no help

I have been going to E Studio for just over 1 year now. What is great about it? 1. CLEAN - All the equipment looks as if it is never used, the walls look freshly painted every week, lighting is pleasant. 2. OPEN - By that I mean that since they only allow 2 trainers and 2 trainees on the floor

I belong to 24 and I went up to the desk to pay the daycare fee for my son. I always pay after my workout because most of the time my 15 month old is so upset that I am leaving that I end up leaving with him. I tell the front desk girl that I need to pay, she says no problem. Then the manager

KEEP AWAY! - this was probably the worst experience I've had at a day spa. I feel wrong even rating them a one star. This place was NOT worth the money, over-priced, over-rude and way over-rated. I was warned about this place, next time I'll listen to my friends!

I had my wedding there and I loved the scenery, the banquet room was spectacular, I would get married there all over again.

I had some difficulty with the personal trainers there and tried getting it worked out. After the first manager left I tried talking to Robert, and he danced around the situation. He never was able to give me an explanation as to why there was no record of my measurements for my first 6 months

Overall the Almaden Swim and Raquet club is a good place. The swim team provides you with a great workout and you become a member of the wonderful team. But you have to be deditcated if you skip practice a couple times forget it because you fall behind and theres no point.

Nice location by highway 17. The green colored wall is a bit strange and too loud for eyes.

Renovation: The traffic is conjested because of the recent renovation. The area has alot more galleries and has brought better business to the area. The gym is in a great location for me.

I have been going there for a few months and everyone is very nice & helpful. My instructor was fantastic.

I just joined and i really like it.its very clean and i haven't had any problems with anything.

I had the best personal trainer at BodyTone. I was able to loose 15lbs and tone up with my personal trainer guiding me. The gym is really well equipped with all kinds of training devices. It's very personal there and not like your regular gym. My husband and I had to move for personal reasons

The ficility has an old style ambiance but has a very good selection of equiptment. There is very little off street parking during prime time use, however their is paying parking down the street. The showers room needs to be updated and slime in the shower room floors is not uncommen. Locker

I've gone here once for a work out and the price was worth it.

This new In Shape gym is awesome! 19 per month! 19! It will be a smaller health club with mostly cardio and weight equipment and locker rooms. It is perfect for me. It is right off the freeway on 5 and will be perfect on my way home from work. Great choice at just 19 per month!

This gym is awesome! They have great classes from step aerobics to boot camp, and it is the ONLY gym in town that offers boxing! It has a wide variety of nice equipment, tons of treadmills and cardio. This gym is not over crowded and does not have the typical meat market attitude that the other

5 stars establishment- due to the nice ppl there and lts to do and extra help always on duty-it is very close to home and dont have to travel far coonvient to home

Far Too Small. No Showers or Locker Rooms

Liz Walraven is a great instructor! My husband, daughter and I all take her Power Cycling and Power Yoga classes. She's not only tough but also so motivating. Because of her, we are more fit than we have ever been. We always worry that some day she'll leave. We can't imagine what we'll do then.

The front desk staff is very rude, they really gave the wrong first impression to the health club. The woman that was at the front desk did not acknowlege our presence at all. There is really no good competition around Ceres as far as health clubs go, otherwise I would have just turned right

Best Gym. The people there are awesome! There is free personal training and free yoga classes. I suggest people go there if they live in Oakdale!

I joined In-Shape yesterday in Turlock and had a great time at the club. I've been a member at other gyms as well as other In-Shape's and have never had such a good experience. The Managers Rachel and Mike were really helpful and made signing up fun. I can't remember the last time I had fun

This is a nice small friendly club with easy parking and great location espiecally for Glenmoor women. Plus the cost is very reasonable, but the hours are so limited that it is virtually impossible to find a time to go with you have small children. By the time my husband is home from work,