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Great atmosphere with many classes and great schedules nice instructors and best of all inexpensive did i forget to mention free baby sitting

This place has the latest and greatest and is located in swanky Hyde Park. The machine floor is huge as is the boxing gym. There is a whole section for ab work. There is a huge variety of machines. Very clean. The folks were friendly as well. In addition, the place is truly 24-7 and never closes.

Gym okay. Had to go else where as weekend hours and 1 gym acess. Could not work around my scheduale.

Omg the cutest guys go there especially in the moning cuties you know who you are you have a fade and your sooooooooo super down to earth alwayd with your i phone and running on the treadmill cutie ecuadorian!


Nice people super instructors great atmosphere

Don't know what the other people were talking about in their posts, but I love the new Gold's Gym. They are cleaner and have added a lot more equipment! It looks great! The staff is very helpful!

I joined Club Fit fitness center in Pembroke Pines about two months ago and I go about four to five times, weekly. I actually love the facility; it remains clean, the machines work, the employees are friendly and personable; and I am not bound to a contract - which is the BEST part, in my opinon.

What a bunch of unaccommidating people! Don't look to them for assistance when you have a need. I had to go into the hospital for a hip replacement. Even with a doctor's note, until further notice I was still charged. They wanted a note EVERY MONTH! So much for a CHRISTIAN business.

This club is great. They do a great job of keeping it clean and the staff is so friendly and helpful. I felt totally comfortable with all the equipment and when i do need help, there is always someone to help me out. It is women only, so you dont have to worry about a bunch of men looking at

Very happy with the club. Though busy at peak hours, off peak hours are slow.

Got a great deal on membership - no initiation and $95 mo, BUT I did not know about the parking problem. Zero public parking and need to valet which is $5 + $2 tip. $7 X 20 visits a month is $140, so more than the membership. That said the facility is very stylish. Excellent architcture. Cross

Very friendly people and good prices. has just what you need.

To start with the gym ifself was so family oriented. i loved the fact my daughter could play with the other kids while i worked out. then the personal trainers nicely corrected me on the proper use of the equipement. also, they have a large selection of fat burners. long story short.i'll keep

My experience has been nothing but positive at Progressive. Smaller than most pumped up clubs, but with 3 racquetball courts and all the necessary aerobic and nautilus equipment. Only drawback is restricted hours (the owners are said to be 7th Day Adventists, who observe the Sabbath)- it's

Great gym, nice freindly feel everyone that works there is very out going and friendly. They make it a point to know your name. Forget those places like LA fitness or Adas, if you want a good work this is a great place to go. I love it there.

I Love going to this Curves facility! The owner always has some new thing going, to encourage weight lose and community interaction. The people are friendly and supportive and we have fun. The restroom is always spotless and the place is cheery and bright. They also help you track of your progress

This club is the nicest club for ladies in the Pinellas County area I've encountered. The music and decor make you feel like you're on vacation! It was also more affordable than some of the other clubs in the area and the space provided to workout is exceptionally large. I like the 30 minute

Great club with great atmosphere. Results seen in the first month! Lost 12 inches. The staff is so friendly and helpful, I love working out here, it's so fun

Roberto is 100 percent dedicated to his students' physical and mental well being and his school is a safe and professional environment. I would recommend his program to anyone who is looking to get involved in martial arts and to get in shape.

This center of South Koren martial arts is a good place to learn TaeKwonDo. I took classes there until I was a deputy black belt and my younger cousins also take classes there too. If you are in the Venice area and want to learn how to kick and punch with expertise then go there.

With such welcoming, warm, and helpful staff along with amazing trainers, equipment, and aerobic, pilates, swim, cycling, and every other type of class imagineable, this facility is 5 star. You also can't forget their amazing oppurtunities for youth with dance, swim, mommy and me, preschool

If you're looking into somewhere to helop you get into shape THIS IS THE PLACE. with semi-hardcore training it is impossible to loose less than 3 pounds a class, and for thanksgiving specials, you loose a minimum of the weight of your lunch, dinner, and breakfast for 1 week presequent to the

This is one of the nicest tanning salons I've ever been to. The staff is friendly and trys hard to meet the customers needs. There are 9 beds so there's never a wait. Each bed has a personal cd player which is a nice touch. Great package deals available.

The trainers are quite knowledgeable and the place was clean! NO membership fees are a plus along with the new equipment.

Very Expensive, rates go up all time. YMCA owns a Monopoly at Clay and Duval County schools with Prime Time. Summer Program offers no lunch and lacks organization. Staff at the Metropolitan Office was very hard to reach. Most fees are not refundable, and refunds take 3 months to process.

I am a victim of what many teenage girls have or have had, an eating disorder.I wasnt eating,I wouldnt,and pounds flooded off,but it wasnt fat,it was muscle & water.When joining RFC,Matthew(CFT) talked w/ me and I finally told him about my ED.It has been 4 months now,and he has helped change

I joined curves when they first came to walnut hill fl, and I lost nearly 12 pds the first 3 months. I joined again in july of 2004 and didn't loose as much but I did loose. It still depends on how commited u are. I now have a 2 year old little girl who I have to take with me and she is a hand

Ken at the front desk was knowledgeable and gave some interesting insight into certain techniques that I carried home with me and increased my max lifts within two weeks. Very clean, nice place with an MMA studio with UFC champs Noguiera and Silva. Definitely going back the next time I'm in

This gym was established in 1965 and some famous stars actually trained there. Two sections women and men. The men's have the old style saloon doors that are like Gunsmoke the t.v western show. The women's dressing rooms are the emost elite and elaborate you may find anywhere with thick blue

I have been coming here for one-on-one personal training for over a year now and I love it! Unlike major chain gyms I do not have to wait for equipment or feel uncomfortable as I am always the only one in there during my appointment. The prices are more than competitive and I have had great

I've lived many places in the U.S., but never once have I experienced the friendly atmosphere that Bailey's has. They care about us, the members and strive at all times to ensure that we are well taken care of. Their 9 locations also allows one to be flexible, but still get a great workout

I signed up for 3 months membership and personal training and paid almost $2000 for my bill. My 1st impression about the gym was really good but later on I realized that the operation at this place is below 2-3 stars. I had a personal trainer 3 times a week, who was running late for our sessions

I walk in and the owner is arguing with another customer. The customer stormed out cursing. I then approached the desk to purchase a tanning package and I was treated like I had just fought with the owner. I will never go back!

I'm working out at this place for last 2 years. Great equipment! Nice customer service. Tanning rooms. Suggest!

My granddaughter has trained in Kung Fu at the Chinese Martial Arts Center in Seminole, FL. She is now a green belt and has made great progress in her fitness level. And the martial arts training has done wonders to help mold her character in positive ways. She loves going to this kung fu school

I was very skeptical about joining yet another gym. I was so afraid of getting into another personal training scam like those promulgated by clubs like Bally's and L.A. Fitness. As soon as I called Fitness Together and spoke to owner Matt, I knew this was a different kind of gym. First of all,

Amazing! They are the nicest staff, always willing to help! The prices are also very competitive to the surrounding tanning salons! Very well worth your time!

Great school. There is a waiting list. The con is that each year, the tuition increase by ten dollars. Last I checked, its 495 for kids out of diapers, 525 for babies. Teachers are super friendly and professional. You can't go wrong with the kids program at the churches downtown. My son loves

This facility has a brand new renovated atmosphere; it has day care and very competitive rates for families. I would say its the best gym in Gainesville for the money

Didn't care for attitude of staff. Didn't join. Did like it being accessible 24 hrs though

This is a very unique gym.The staff is extremely knowledgable.The trainer is one of a kind.The facility offers a wide variety of organic foods drinks, & supplements.I have never had to wait on equipment and the other members are all nice and friendly.NO INTIMIDATION TACTICS!I am 43 and have

Lots of members, so at times it gets packed for sure. pool is nice. not many members take advantage of it. Hot tub? well to many people get in the whirlpool with sweatie bodies and shorts!

Many beautiful people of South Beach come here. Staff is friendly and the equipment is always in top shape. The gym is clean and it offers many great classes.

Harry Smith opened this gym in the 1950's but it has been on Horatio since 1960. It was remodeled and looks great and features racquetball. Smith who is 82 trains people himself and goes back to the days with icon Gold's founder Joe Gold. Many famous people have trained with Smith including

Great technique - very professional. Has great ablitiy to identify any problems and help work through them. AWESOME!

World gym has taken a turn for the better since the last year. It is under new ownership and I recently re-activated my membership because of this. The staff is awesome and so are the people that go there. I recommend this gym to everyone in the area and I think you will be pleased with it!

Great equipment, great atmosthere, friendly staff that makes you feel right at home.

Fantastic workouts.lots of personal attention.many weight loss tips. Great, great way to get fit and have fun. every minute is pure joyful fitness torture!

Ballys needs to update Most of there gyms! New equipment, and free weights that have the entire set would be nice