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Excellent Staff, wonderful director Michelle Kelley

I really love this gym. its small and personal and the staff is so helpful ive lost a ton of weight. the classes are small so you can get personal attention, and the suana is not to be missed. you feel so cleansed when you get out of it. they dont have a daycare, but they have place where you

Great program! It is nice to have a place to go to where you get someone showing you how to workout every time you go in. I wondered if they would stop helping after a while, but they you are still with you on every machine. I need a push when it comes to exercise. Everytime I walk through

Seemed like a cool little gym, I'm from out of town and people were really friendly and outgoing there.

Impact has great studios and excellent trainers. I woudl highly recommend them.

Great gym.owner/staff very nice and helpful! Nice for people like me thats not a lifetime fitness person. I've been there over 1 year and love the smaller gym.

A Terrific workout facility, clean - great enthusiastic staff & very innovative! I am finally comfortable working out.

I think this is the best gym for women in Atlanta - and I have been to many! I have been doing a class here called candlelight yoga, which I just love. Nice atmosphere, great people, love my elements!

Pretty cool spot. Good equipment. Good scenery, and good staff. When I first started, they tried to give me a contract and tried to close the deal like all corporate businesses try to try to do but I stuck with my guns and saud no thanks. I'll do a month to month deal. So it's pretty cool.

This is a great alternative to gyms! Julie is personable and trult cares about her clients. You will definitely see and feel the results.

The best fitness club ever! Very modern decore, very friendly staff. would suggest it to everyone!

This was one of the best well inform curves i have travel to, It was well stock with tshirt to order, 100-900 workout tshirt. they are working with st judes. muscles groups where right by machines. the women very esay to talk too.

Never have done yoga before but when i saw this place on the internet it looked as if they loved yoga! so i would highly recommend this place! it seems relaxing, caring, loveable place for people who love to do yoga! so join today!

This is a great yoga studio convenient to both Atlanta and Decatur. Outstanding instruction. The most affordable for class packages and privates I've seen. Also free towels, mats and water! Wow! This is how yoga should be. Also, really friendly and supportive environment. I love to have my

I've been member here for years and have been more than happy with what this gym has to offer.Bodytec has many options for payment so picking a payment plan that suits my circumstances is easy.Even though this isn't the fanciest gym in the area it is kept clean and all the equipment is maintained

I love this place! Juliet signed me up. I feel like I have a personal trainer. No pressure just fun doing something you know is good for you.Great atmosphere and the team is always trying to motivate you. I think they actually care!

They have good machines and nice people.

This club was very convenient to my house and their equipment was okay. It's too bad you have to be under contract to be a member here (unless you are a college student or under 18). Because of this, I found a great gym in Warner Robins where you do not have to be under contract. The drive

This is a great club. Helpful, nice people. Beautiful club. Nice atmosphere.

This is just such a great salon, i cant imagine anything better than this. great staff, great lotions, great beds. just great everything. I love it

It reall is possible to get a good workout in 20 minutes. The Blitz focuses on circuit training, enabling the gym-goer to improve cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength and endurance at the same time. In addition, they use a number of heavy bags in the circuit, enabling the martial arts

Run and Shoot is the best place I have ever played ball. period. I will always love Run and Shoot.

A wonderful place to go and workout. everyone makes you feel very welcome and it is very afortable!

Some of there work out equiptment I think is alittle out dated, may need some more, to spice things up alittle bit. could use more child activites, alot of gyms have things for their children to do while the parents workout and this one does not.

Fitness Together worked with me in an excellent professional setting and I lost the weight I have been struggling with all my life! Thank you FT!

This is such a great gym. you can tell that here, unlike most gyms, people are actually there to work out. the equipment is nice, and it seems as if they try to keep it very sanitary.

I think Dell is the most wonderful trainer I've worked with. Within 4 months, I lost 10 lbs and gained muscle and strength. I even have washboard abs. I would highly recommend Dell. I trained with Dell a few years ago and still use the training techniques and program he designed for me.

I have been going there since April 2008. I have to say I was very disappointed in the maintenance of t he gym. The ladies bathroom no matter what time you go are very dirty. THe shampoo and conditioner that is in the bathroom shower is never refilled. They stay out for several weeks. THe showers

I have been thinking of switching gyms lately. So naturally I've been shopping around for the best deal. I've heard multiple times on Clark Howard's radio show on how to you shold only go with gyms that offer month-to-month instead of locking you into a contract. Then I've seen what was written

This is a great place for women and men come there too.the trainers are superb and they really help you deliver results. It is the first time in my life I have EVER ENJOYED exercise. I have been doing it for 3 years and never thought I would last past the first month. It's the best.

I have two girls- a 4 year old and an 11 month old. They both attend the YWCA childcare center on N highland. We love it! There is nothing more important than piece of mind when you have to trust your kids to someone else! My 4 year old loves it at the Y, and she rarely gripes about going to

I joined UBF last February. I have been completely impressed with them. I had a cheap membership to a big national chain club. I wanted something different because I was tired of waiting in line for machines, and the fact that regardless of which location their clubs were always dirty. I discovered

Clean, nice people, good equipment, watch out for the contracts as they auto renew and you are charged a heavy sign up fee.

Oh yes this is the place you want to be for the best fitness instructor in the world. If you don't beleive me come an see. They start classes at 5:45am (Mon-Thurs)with this bootcamp instructor Ann(the terminator) Wilkerson who class i take every morning, she never have you boaring she bring

I started taking PIlates sessions 9 years ago & I have been working out @ CORE for 18 months, usually 3-4 times per week. I can honestly say CORE is incomparable to any other studio out there. The instructors are by far the best in Atlanta. Everyone there brings a unique talent, background

Midtown Atlanta Wellness Center is a place of healing, enlightment, peace, tranquility. A place to discover the true you and a place to leave the old you. It's focus is on cleansing and healing of the body, mind and spirit through colonics, emotional healing, foot baths, body work, spa services