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This place is horrible. Their staff is rude, and incredibly unprofessional. When a problem with billing came up, They yelled at me on the phone, then hung up - and I don't even have a contract there, I was calling for an elderly couple who now live out of state. When I asked for contact

This is a great Curves! Friendly staff, awesome facility, highly recommended! A++++++

Friendly and helpful staff,make the half hour fly by

The gym is a very good gym with up-to-date equipment and facilities. Unfortunately the management and staff were very rude to us when we came in. They do not sell day passes so business travelers be wary. They told us they don't sell them then just turned around and walked away from us. This

Finally! A full service Pilates studio in Naperville! It has Reformers, Towers, and a Wunda Chair!

A Great place that is always clean for women to workout, tan, take a class or use the circuit. 7 Personal trainer and a supervised babysitting room make it easy to look and feel better with each visit. All this starting at only $14.95 a month

I have more strength and energy in my 40?s than I did in my 20?s. I'm in the best shape of my life because of Fitness Together. And everyone I know has seen and commented on the changes.

We went to this health club on a friday night and they had dance lessons and then a dance following. We learned how to swing dance for the lessons and then they played a variety of music the rest of the evening. we couldn't believe we paid $8 for the two of us. we learned that they offer dancing

I've tried many clubs and have had many trainers but Image Health & Fitness has amazing Group Fitness and amazing personal training that gave me the results I was looking for

I walked into the club and was greeted. The consultant showed me around the whole club and was very friendly and thorough.

This Bally's fitness center is well run, clean and is a well maintained facility. There are a number of very good personal trainers on staff as well. I enjoy my workouts there. BtG

They have a new massage therapist there, the most amazing massage i have ever received in my whole life. he goes deep and light, you dont even need to say a word he knows exatley where to massage and how to get the pain away. the best $65.00 i ever spent. ask for HAROUN RASHID

Lisa is absolutely wonderful and my daughter is having so much fun going and seeing all her friends. I have also been a party of Gymboree and My-Gym is so much more organized and just better. I recommend it to any parent.

All women are Korean. Expect a happy ending each time. If you are clean, patient, friendly and a regular customer you can expect a great deal more.

I noted the change in my daughter's physical appearance and was impressed. However, I was skeptical that Pilates could make a difference at my age, fifty-five. I have been amazed at the muscle tone and definition that developed in a few short months. Scott is such a knowledgeable instructor.

It was very good, nice people, rock climbing wall, pool.everything. Great for bithday partys

Nice place, clean area, lots of equipment but very expensive and their sales techniques are questionable. Be prepared to be browbeaten and guilted into paying for more than you want. I like their equipment and the spa, but the number of machines are overwhelming. Once setting a routine and

I transefered from a different location to this location. I love it! Boot camp is so great! Love the personal attention I get. staff is so friendly! They make me want to go again and again. thanks mucho!

Awesome place. Fees are high but the amenities are endless. My kids get swimming and karate lessons. My wife can spin and the endless equipment to use means no waiting around. Most of the people who use the gym are friendly. Now they even have a boxing room.

Today was my first visit to curves in Granite city and it was great. The staff was very informative and helpful and the other customers were just like me trying to improve theirselves. The customers helped me when the staff was busy with another client and they were pleasant and nice.

Nice and clean. The only thing is the trainers keep bothering you when you are working out. They seem to target overweight women and older women. They want you to sign up for training. They do not bother the men. I just want to be left alone to do my thing. I am working out, and I have my music

Boy you arent lying about losing the weight.i lost over 100lbs. going to this doctor and kept the weight off for 4years. thank you doc!

Unfortunately, most of the first reviewer's comments are true. But if you want to get in shape, you'll find a nice facility with adequate workout equipment. The fitness classes are good, like yoga and strength training. Trainers are great. Pool-on the small side, but okay. Lighting too dim

Clean top of the line equipment, great staff.

This place is awesome. I go here whenever I am in the area. THE BEST

I have been training at Evolutionary Health and Fitness for a month now and I honestly cant see myself ever going anywhere else. When you train there you get the one on one attention that is needed when working with a trainer, not the distracting surroundings of the neighborhood gym. I have

If you want a club that offers the latest in equipment, fun and effective and challenge classes and a place where kids can be in a safe, family friendly and health minded environment then Peak Sports CLub is an awesome solution.

I posted this on centerstage, too, so you might see this review twice :) Good: Not that busy, good equipment, good TV's, etc. Price is pretty good. but take the year long deal when you walk in if you like the place.saves you a bunch per month. but ONLY do that, obviously, if you like it. Bad:

I praise the Lord for the day, Feb.1st 2006, I was impressed to call Curves, East Peoria. I was 186 lbs when I weighed in that day. By August 2006 I had lost 28 lbs and 28 inches. All the while I was enjoying the best fellowship I have ever experienced. I'm 71 yrs old, feel great, and have

It is a great place to work out.very clean, friendly staff, wide variety of equipment, and you cant beat the fact that child care and personal training are included in your membership at no extra cost!

This place is a joke. The staff is rude, dirty locker rooms, dirty equipment, and an even dirtier pool. It is an old club that got a surface face lift, but the locker rooms are disgusting and all the cardio equipment is at least 10 years old and always breaks down. I am not happy with my membership

They went out of business but i did like their pedicures

Have been a member for 4 years - made lots of friends - staff is great and motivating.

I have been very pleased with this facility. It's a great place to work out for women. The girls that work there help you get motivated. The owner is a fantastic lady who listens to your concerns about the workout. I have lost 30 pounds and feel great. It's a fun place. I look forward to going

I love, love, love this gym! The staff is always professional and friendly, and it is definitely a social place to go-I've met a bunch of new friends there! I've belonged to 4 or 5 different gyms in the Quad Cities throughout the years, and it is definitely the cleanest I've ever seen. The

Great workout for the money, friendly and professional staff

Never have I enjoyed excercise so much! Great music from all types of current and past greats. Michael Buble, Tim McGraw, Gwen Stefani, Jessica Simpson, NSync, Usher. The list goes on and on. The registrars and instructors are friendly and fun. Anyone new who walks in is immediately embraced

Beware of the trainers! Most of them have just gotten certified and don't know themselves the proper training methods and nutrition advice to give. When hiring a trainer, ask for references, certifications, how many years in fitness, i.e. A fitness trainer has become such a hot job because

Been there a couple of times and it is by far and away the best of any of the others I have ever been to. Happy Birthday and enjoy yourself as they will take care of you. I had Angela and she is a real sweetheart. Enjoy

Love the 24 hour access to the facility. The equipment fits for anyone's needs and the building is kept clean and orderly.

The best gym I've ever been to! Ask for a day pass!

My husband and I tried out this gym today. Our own gym of 14 years, closed down. The front desk girl was rude, made unnecessary comments, wasn't helpful at all. Although the place was clean, the equipment was on top of each other. Not enough sit-up machines. We'll continue our search for a

Curves is an awesome place. The staff is very knowledgeable and very supportive. They are always giving you encouragement and pushing you to achieve everything you're aiming for. Since it is a women only health club the people that attend are truly there to get in shape or stay in shape and

I joined Personal Best after being injured from a previous personal trainer. I knew that I needed to workout so that I could become healthier but was afraid. Personal Best made me feel that I could overcome my previous injury and still maintain an exercise program to meet my goals. I have gained

Why go to the gym if you can have a personal trainer come to your house and lead you though a fun workout without having to go to the gym! I have lost 20lbs in just 2 months of working out. Nutritional support is important part of the program. Highly recommended if you are serious about making

Image Sun is the cleanest salon around and has great beds and it's a fun atmosphere! The worker's are very helpful in making sure you tan the correct way without burning:)

Great place to workout. Ben and Drew are awesome trainers. What sets them apart from other trainers I have worked with is their professionalism and knowledge in tailoring programs to their clients' specific needs and goals. Every workout is a challenge. The facility is spacious and clean with

Mike, Jenny and the rest of the crew at Golds Gym are top notch! A fine facility with a fine crew!

Great gym.friendly, helpful staff. excellent location and available 24/7 with the best monthly rates around. SO.If you aren't making it there, it's your own dayum fault -_-

My trainer at Crossbridge strength and conditioning was very knowledgeable and creative. I have had a great experience there and they have me in the best shape I have been in over the last 10 years.