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I like the club, but pool, sauna, steam room are all closed now, it was a nice thing to have. The club is in serious need of updated cardio equipment. Staff are always friendly, I dont like the shortened hours of the day, the club closes at 10pm and sometimes this is a inconvienance. I will

As someone who knows Kathy and knows how motivating she can be, I cannot emphasize enough the support she would give a member. For someone like me who would want to be at a clean facility and not just be around people who really did not understand the science of exercise, I would want to pay

For what you get to do there for what you pay it is the BEST DEAL in all of Waterloo for a GYM. There is so much you can do and the hours fit pretty well what ANYONE could want. The staff is very helpful and everyone I have meet there is super nice. I should have joined years ago, (for more

I have been a member of this gym for some time (3+ years). I enjoy the FREE aerobics classes tremendously. You can't beat the membership deals, especially if you are a student. This isn't a high-class, up-scale gym. It is a good place to go for someone on a budget, or someone who just wants

I am excited to go there when we move in eight months, my aunt has nothing but awesome things to say about it.

This is a great place to train for Fitness, Strength, Flexibility and self defense. Some are intimidated by the fighters that train here but believe me they are a humble group of guy's and Gals who are eager to share the knowledge they have to help you obtain your own personal goals. If you

If you are looking to lose weight and keep it off for good, then Fitness Professional 360 is the place to go. Now that I have lost 50 pounds I feel younger, healther and have more energy than I have had in years.

Joined a few weeks ago and the place is great! Clean, Convenient, and great atmosphere! I was a member of the other place in town for years and it doesn't even compare to Anytime. The owner at Anytime Fitness knows what customer service is all about!

Never seen a fitness center like this one before and I have joined quite a few. Very modern atmosphere, clean, great equipment, and the owner is very helpful and supportive.

It's a great place to work out.I go 3 times a week.One of the owners is there everyday she always has something nice to say.We play games while we workout and before you know it your 20mins is done they have just added 2 new machines.

Eldridge Rec and Fitness is the best overall place to workout, be with friends and feel great about yourself. They offer so much that there is sure to be something that works for you. Racetball is a real heart pounding activity many members love. They offer exercise classes for all fitness

I've been working for NIHC since January. it is an awesome place to work!

I have tried every diet and weight loss gimick out there. I had given up hope when I met Liz. Believe it or not I was in line at the grocery and started talking to the lady next to me. One thing led to another and I had found the answer to my weight problems. I am down 50 pounds and eating

We are not actually located in St. Charles it is in Matensdale but it wouldn't let us put it in. And also it is Iowa Ave.

Great customer service this place has changed for the better, now compared to years past 1000 times greater thank you for new management