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Not just this one, but I definitely recommend any of the BSC in the area. After looking into it extensively, the BSC's definitely offer the best equipment and gym amenities. What got me interested in them in the first place was their $20.08 January sign up deal. That's pretty amazing considering

Beautiful club! Lot's of super clean cardio, very friendly people.extremely comfortable for all ages!

Amazing place. beautiful to look at and motivating to work out in. very affordable also!

The Club is a wonderful place to work out, relax, and socialize. There is plenty of equipment from free weights to a modern circuit of specialized workout machines, a beautiful swimming pool, whirlpool, steam bath and sauna, classes,and personal trainers. It is kept very clean. The staff is

High priced for personal training; however, the trainers are friendly, and the interview process is thorough. I wish that they would have worked with having a personal trainer go to the client's house, or have a daycare at their facility. For parents, the challenge is finding a babysitter.

Monica will walk through as many times as I needed to get it.The weight circuit program that she designed for my needs (I gained 50 pounds during pregnancy). I did not feel sore the next day and she was motivating without being pushy. I can't wait until this Saturday when I will go back.

It seems like every time I got to this Curves, I'm getting hit up to buy something. Some of the causes are worthy - shipping for package to soldiers in Iraq, for example, but I want to work out, not feel like I'm an ATM. The people here are friendly, almost too friendly! I find it easier to

I have been a member since February 2005, it has been a good experience for me as a first time exerciser. I have never last more than three visits anywhere else and I go at least three times a week. Having staff like Chantel who are friendly helps to encourage you to keep coming back. On days

Great facility with wonderful new owners. New trainers are awsome! Thank you!

This dojang has to be the berst school that I have ever had the pleasure to come to. The people are great, the atmosphere is fun and exciting, and I have the best teacher that anyone could ever ask for. In this school, I feel comfortable with knowing that I will be able to defend myself in

Awesome club - all classes are free with membership - cycling, dance, kick, pilates. cleanest club I have ever been in. most knowledgable staff anywhere and I get everything for $39 a month. can't beat it!

No matter where I have lived in my life, I always end up seeking a gym like Hampshire Fitness Club. Let's face it, a good gym is hard to find. This place is great. Offers everything, including a pool and hot tub. They have expanded it in the last few years to make it even better. The most impressive

I've been going here for over 2 years now and I love it. The staff is just plain friendly. The equipment is up to date. And there is a lot of it.They are 'redoing' the locker rooms (thank goodness) and they have to pretty good Racquet ball courts that you can book 4 days in advance. For the

I've been a member for 5+ years. Very low membership means circuit training without having to wait for machines or weights. Tons of Iron and machines to choose from. You want a workout this gym has the equipment and space to do it. Treadmills are not the best, but why run like a hamster? Instead,

East Elite is the best cheerleading gym you could ever join! (:

Little expensive, but definitely worth the money. The fitness center has come a long way, and is now a great place to work out. Go check out the fitlinxx system there. I'm not a tennis player, but they appear to have very good facilities for that, and for swimming. The personal trainers are

My 6 year old son has been taking classes here for about a year now and it has been great. He loves it and Sensei George is wonderful with the kids. I would highly recommend this dojo!

I have been going to Mansfield Fitness since I moved to Massachusetts 6 years ago. I enjoy it because it is just local folks, of all ages and body shapes. They have a cardio room, Nautilus, Hammer strength, racquetball courts and plenty of classes. I am unable to take advantage of the classes

Just wanted to say I had a great experience at Hollywood Tans. Great staff and clean salon.

My friends daughter just got her black belt in 5 years. atk has turned her into a well rounded young woman. i recomend atk for anyone of any age

This gym is definatly one step up above the rest, I was very impressed with the whole entire Gym. The staff toured me around, gave me a water, while I filled out paperwork to start my 12 day pass. Very impressed with the fine customer service. I went there with my wife, who will be joining

I've been going to Asylum forabout a year and it's a great place. The staff is always friendly. There's plenty of people to meet and everyone is friendly. Perfect gym for a beginner or advanced worker-outers. They've just recently moved into their new building and acquired all sorts of state-of-the-art

Great. It is under new managment and a lot of updates have been made. Lots of classes, Reiki sessions and soon massage. I like that it's all-women and some women have been coming there for years. A very nice group of people.

I have tried many different gyms and this one far exceeds all others. I feel I am part of this family when I go in and that is important knowing they care. I have goals I want to reach and the staff at Ciccones are always supportive and always giving me that positive nudge in the right direction.

I love it at Curves. Even though it's not a full gym, it's the only fitness place I've stuck with. When I go there, the people at the desk say hello and goodbye. They know my name and care about me. They keep me motivated. I have made friends with the other women there - some of them older

The staff is great. They were friendly and helpful. Espicially the front dest person called John

This is a great place to workout in privacy, without all the jocks! Women only, which of course is nice. I found that most people working out were very friendly and it was nice to see the same people day to day. Unlike some similar womans only places, you can work out as long as you like. Stay

Great place, extremely friendly people, i go there every day they have shotokan karate. The only cons are that sparring is point sparring.Pros are that the place is just great, well worth the money. its 75 dollars a month and you can use there gym room, there boxing bags, and more. come by

Sue gives a great massage for the price you pay, you have to be honest and tell her what you expect. She does not do energy work, but who needs crystals and bells when your muscles feel great and your aches and pains are gone!

Fitness Together in Tyngsboro, MA is a top notch training facility. The trainers are professional, supportive, motivating and really know their stuff. I have had superb results, lost a lot of weight, feel great and will remain a Fitness Together client for years to come. I love the private

I have been working out for over 16 years, mostly with free weights and machines. In this time I have worked out at over 30 different gyms. NORTH END MUSCLE AND FITNESS is in the top 3 gyms i've ever experienced! The owner, PAUL, is a professional businessman who knows a whole lot about being

Disliked: The pool was a huge disappointment primarily because the temperature was only 68 degrees. Front desk was either unwilling or unable to correct the problem during our stay. Liked: The Oxhead Tavern had a great colonial atmosphere and the steak tips were tasty.

I enjoy working out at Orchard Hills. They have everything under 1 roof. The staff is very professional. The place is clean.They offer even things for the tikes to adults classes.Orchard Hills will help with health benefits discounts.If you have a question the staff will help. jennifer B.

Working out at BSC is rather cool! I love lifting in an environment where there are a lot of equipment choices and aerobic classes. BSC also has a huge court for basketball, aerobics; a squash court. Watertown and Copley gyms have pools. I recommand working out here. You will soon become addicted

The most well equipped gym in the area. I have been a member for over 10 years, and I felt welcome from day 1. The facility is clean, the equipment is well-maintained, and the atmosphere is friendly. Recently under new ownership, the club has improved dramatically in the last 2 years. You couldn't

Coming here is like escaping reality, it's clean, friendly staff, & relaxing.

All-in-all we think this gym is one of the best values for your money in the Cambridge area. The member rates are resonable. The hours are good. The locker rooms are clean. The staff is friendly and helpful. You have your choice of going to a number of their locations. And, they have enough

Excellent equpiment witha concerned and very helpful staff and availability of health food products right in the club.

Very nice rooms, excellent fitness facility that includes raquet ball and pool. At Peters Grille I highly recommend the filet and at the sports bar the chicken wings are awsome!

I live thisplace,mike is great,lost over 70 lbs and going. staff is great and everyone that attends there.

Is Gold's Gym on University Drive across from Rafters. They're open at 5 and close at 10 and they have all the machines I need. Like 43 cardio machines, free weights, group classes and saunas. Very very clean.

I went to this gym it seems to have everything that one may need without all of the fluff mostly buisness people before and after work the classes are great! but the place could be spiffed up a little over all it is a decent gym for a good price. would like to see them get some new tv's lol.

I was a member at Choice which was formerly World's gym of Methuen. It was always clean, the staff friendly and Dennis and his wife, the owners, keep a clean and tight ship. Unfortunately I moved to NH and now go to Planet Fitness in Plaistow which leaves much to be desired. I miss Choice!

I work funny hours, but that is never a problem because they are always open. They have the best hours and I can always get in some training time before and after school and work.

In this day and age, I don't understand why these businesses create a great looking page but offer very little information. They don't post their hours or rates and I would really like to see this. For what it's worth.

Old, never get new equipment,cut every corner. weights are old and loose, they spray paint the benches. won't even upgrade the smallest things like pins & cables,they do you a nice pool.

Lots of gym equipment, friendly staff (some of the trainers have helped me out and I don't even pay for personal training.) Usually only very busy in the late afternoon. Only thing is, I wish they had a pool. Other than that, it's been great.

Its great to go and workout after a long day at work,

Mediocre.small.expensive for the size. Restrooms are clean. Seems to be stuck up snobs go here.reminded me of the old golds. Bored good trainer who deserves to be out of there instead of working on commission.I know because he trained me for a month and said so under the fly. Ahhhh

I live in Boston and have heard for a long time about this place. I looked around and saw cheesy type places and thought,this cant be them, they have been around a long time and have a reputation for style. Then.I recently found them next to the Ritz on Newbury Street ( the same building as