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If you have a busy schedule and you just want to stay healthy and get in shape, then this place is for you. Always open, easy parking by the door, and fast check in procedure makes for an effcient workout. It is hard enough to find time to get to the gym, you don't want to waste time finding

Local clubs are great, you know everyone and there are no strangers comming in from other clubs like with the big national chains. It just feels safer. The owner seems to work hard to buy all his supplies from local businesses. He actually runs the place so he is there everyday and does

I signed up during the Fall Fitness Sale and got free group exercise classes with my pre-paid membership - awesome! Love the flexibility of 24/7 access with my hectic lifestyle. Excellent equipment selection and maintenance. Staff are outgoing and courteous and take the time to demonstrate

Having been a member here since it opened, I can honestly say that this fitness club only continues to improve. Open 24/7, affordable, lots of machines, friendly staff and a local business. All money spent here, stays here. And now there are fitness classes as well. I have been recommending

Clean facilities, exceptionally friendly and helpful staff, open 24/7, 365 days a year, 18 and over only (huge selling point), and FM broadcast throughout the club so I can pick up the national news or my favorite show on my iPod while I work out. AFP, as its members call it for short, absolutely

I beg to differ with dallasindetroit's negative opinion of the Body Zone bathhouse. I have been there two dozen times in the past two years, and I have not had any issues with cleanliness in the place. I have never noticed staff fraternizing with the customers, and I consider myself a good

They advertised child care, and it was fine, until I picked up my child-who was standing in the room completely alone. I asked for my money for my membership back, because I couldn't trust their child care again, and the owner was very rude, and said that he would not refund my money, he said

Great looking gym, very affordable and NO contracts! They offer a free 2 day pass on their website www.pumpfitnessgym.com Phone number is 586.825.2227

Hi, I am intersted in gaining some muscles, I am very small, and I wanna gain some body mass. I am an athlelte and love to work out, but I can never gain anything.lately I've been pushing myself for that, and its not feeling all that good.I need help.can this program help me out, and can I

It's a good place where dreams are sown in sweat.

A very private location with enough studio space to accomodate small group classes. Ideal for one on one personal training. The staff was extremely personable, knowledgeable and were very attentive to my workout.I would highly recommend this gym to anyone who was looking for a private personal

Boxing gym and the weights in one facility.one of the biggest in the country, 3 floors of working out space, all weights and machines, no pool or basketball, boxing gym on the top floor.coed, juice bar.

This is the best place for ladies to go to burn calories, tone muscles and lose weight! They have a lot of different things to do so it's fun too. Strength and cardio, personal training, classes such as power step, zumba and pilates, tanning, dry sauna and a supervised childcare area! The atmosphere

I bought something there and paid with a check 9 months ago. THE CHECK JUST WENT THROUGH. They do not clean their beds and have horrible light bulbs for the price. I know the owner, he has creditors calling every 2 minutes and does not like upkeep. I'd suggest going some where else.

Not only did it not have no air today 6/17/07, the drinking water was warm.please get the air on.this was the hottest day of the year and they had many big fans, just blowing germs.it was bad

I am a member of this gym. I really like it. The staff is very nice and the place is always clean. I have no regrets about joining. I do wish that they had a daycare, a pool and all that but it wouldn't be $10 a month if they did, I am sure!

This course is the premier course along with Hawk Hollow ( across the road from Eagle Eye) of this area. This course is a links style course and is just as good or even better kept than Hawk Hollow. Kind of expensive but worth it at least once a year. Hole 7 I believe is an exact model of the

Great gym! Variety of weight systems-both machine and free, large stretching area, variety of classes and cardio options-all in a clean, modern and open environment ran by caring, professional owners and staff.


One of the best massage i have had, they are real good on the legs and feet. they find the spots that need the work

Absolutely the best Curves in Downriver. Excellent staff, extremely clean, If your looking for a new Curves this is it.

There is so much to do here. There are basketball courts, tennis courts, a running track, as well as a walking trail. There is a pool and a bowling alley. That's just part of everything there is to do here. I could spend my whole day here and be very content. The only down side is that, you

Good place for lifting weights. Wide selection of free weights. Weight machines are kind of old but are in decent condition. What's really lacking is cardio equipment. There are a some aged stair-steppers, four old treadmills that are in bad shape, and four or five ellipticals that have seen

I love this place. I get a great work out in 30 minutes. I've lost a lot of inches & weight and feel great. I love the staff they are so helpfull. Without them I would not have done it. THANK YOU

If not having enough working equipment, or classes to offer is what you look for in a gym, than, this is the gym for you! Honestly, is that what people look for in a gym? of course not! I don't care if you pay 19 dollars or 50 dollars a month for a membership, I expect that equipment to be

Lakeland Athletic Club is the ultimate place to workout and play tennis. My eight year son just started playing tennis this year there and enjoys the Tennis Director, Scott Marshall. As for the review regarding Dale Campbell; I have only heard positive things said about him and I think he has

By far the best gym around. The place is huge compared to any of them out there. Has the best and friendliest staff. Great assortment of equipment plus tanning and a juice bar. You just can't beat the cost for the membership for all that Oakwood Gym has to offer. You gotta join!

I have to agree with mad member. While the price is good, most of the equipment is old and outdated. Many of the electronic features on the machines that are semi new are non functioning. I find it annoying when I'm trying to work out and I have someone vacuuming right next to me. Can't they

Clean, lots of equipment, friendly front desk person, wonderful lady cares greatly for our children in the kids club room. God bless her. She is truly amazing with children. Our boy is always excited to see her. Got nice pool and spa. Good classes wish they had more at other times of the day.

It was close to home so that is why we joined. However, I was disappointed when I found out the hot tub did not work after being told they had one when we signed up. After a year it was still not working. It is larger inside than it appears from the road. The staff was friendly and helpful.

Yesterday I stopped in and I met up with Coco. She gave me the best massage I had in a very long time. Definately going to be going back.

Fitness Matters offers a large selection of free weights, lots of great machines, and excellent workers. I would definitely recommend it to anybody who loves to work out!

While the curves work out may not be your typical work out, it is fast and easily adjusted to many women's needs. you go at your own pace, have an instructor nearby to answer questions and help you use the equipment correctly. the boredom is banished by the active socializing while working

Love this gym. Exceeds the typical Powerhouse Image! Great equipment and super friendly staff! New 36,000 sq ft. facility coming soon directly across the street with indoor track.can't wait! Soooo needed in Brighton! Lots of great changes happening there now! Must check it out!

I needed a gym to go to, so that I'd stay motivated to work out. I've used a few other gyms, so am pretty aware of standard amenities, extras, etc. I wanted a simple place to go that had weights and cardio equipment that I'd be able to use freely, and without a high cost to the membership.

I worked out the first time this morning at my new curves everyone was so friendly and made me feel so welcome! Cant wait to go back on wed.

Curves is very inviting. The day I started I felt comfortable. Slowly I have made some new workout friends. The employees make the time enjoyable, even if it is just to chat up Curves and give pointers.okay, I don't always get the machines right! HAHA! I highly recommend Curves to any woman

Very nice, and all the people that work there are extreamly NICE!

Offers best environment to learn and practice karate. ive researched many dojo's in the area & none offered the training received @ this academy!

Granted, I've only had 2 sessions there but I like the studio a lot. I prefer James and the way he teaches but that's just me. Overall I'm pleased thus far.

I am very pleased with this athletic club. The equipment is very new and modern. I go to this gym at all different times of the week and i haven't came into any problems with not being able to get on to cardio/ weight machines because of it being too busy. The facilities are very clean- and

This is a nice place. I went on a punch card and immediately purchased a 12 month membership. The staff is upbeat and outgoing, the gym is clean and their is plenty of equipment.

They didn't set the timer so I came out looking like a lobster, it smelled horrible and the staff did nothing to accomidate their mistake. It was a horrible experience and i hope since then the establishment has improved.

After I work out, I feel so energized, and ready to go. I have lost 8 pounds in 2 months and almost 19 inches. The people there really motivate you.

Alway entertaining! Great place to meet new people. Try the steak - pretty good. Lin Smith


Best club in the area, period. I have worked out at a lot of health clubs in my years, but this one stands above the Ballys,Lifetimes,Curves etc. Their staff is really friendly and has just about everything you need to get in shape. Love the free childcare too. They actually have servers that

I am new to the Vie experience and it's already changed my perception of what a work-out session can be. The trainers love being there and love creating fun exercise programs specifically for each client's likes, dislikes, needs and wants. I can think of no better way to start, energize or

If you are tired of waiting inline for equipment, or tired of the meatmarket effect that you get from the other popular gyms this place is for you. They have all kinds of equipment and the people are great! I would highly recommend!

See the guys in the steamroom. wonderful people. All things good at the schvitz, comfort and warmth from all corners. The facility has greatly improved in the last two months. Recommend it for all who are open to life and casual fun, relaxation and pleasure.