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I've only been once with my boyfriend so far for a jujitsu class and it was tremendous. I'd highly reccomend it.

If you are looking for a fitness-forward health club who is focused its member's comfort and success with their fitness goals, then Muscle Up Fitness is the place for you. this beautiful gym has great equipment and a very knowledgeable and helpful staff of personal trainers and other fitness

This is great! now i can go work out and have fun! thanks to yahoo! local.

For the amount of things they offer(childcare, pool, basketball court, classes, personal trainers, etc.) it really is a great deal. It is also very clean and nice people work there.

I transfered in Hockman's ATA Martial Arts from another Taekwondo style here in town. This is by far the most complete system I have seen. Not only do we do the advanced kicking techniques of Taekwondo, but they incorporate Kickboxing, Aikido joint manipulation, pressure point control tactics,

This is a good quality Christian school. My child has trianed there for a few years now. They have excellent instructors who really care about the students. You won't find any 6 year old black belts at this school. The other reviewer was right, your child won't get a belt unless they have earned

A little strange on the front page but it attracts you'r attention.

I too love the staff. friendly, helpful and professional.

Nice workout facility with a small town friendly environment. Women in the child care area are sweet as can be. The classes are great. I just wish it had an indoor pool.

I have made 2 appts w/personal trainer who was not only a no-show, had no follow-up to reschedule. Said I was not in system although I am a member and been going there the last two weeks. Also there are alot of unsupervised children acting badly in the female locker room that could be avoided

Enjoyable place for women to excerise. Pleasant staff, very knowledgeable.

Excellent place to go workout! 24 hour facility which gives me the freedom to go exercise whenever I want. Very clean and a very comfortable environment. The rates are great too. Highly recommend!

Great cup of coffee, friendly dedicated owner operator. Great location. Best gym in town.


A great facility offering a lot of work out options.

I take the silver sneakers classes here, and I am hoping that they will offer tai chi classes here soon. Its a great fitness center, very welcoming, great people!

This gym recently let go of their aerobics co-ordinator. I have drawn to the conclusion from serveral different experiences over the last few months that this club may be experiencing some financial difficulties. I have also come to the conclusion that these financial difficulies, if they may

I Love universal sun. They have the stand up beds whoo hoo! Good Music while your tanning and GREAT Deals. Buy one get one on Sunday. Im on my way now.

Thirty one year old, two children-wanting to expand my lifestyle.Nursing School in Moberly Missouri INFORMATION NEEDED.

Lots of bikes and treadmills. Great circuit training machines and plenty of free weights. This place has it all!

Love the gym, a lot of equipment. The music is a bit odd, but who cares, there is tons of equipment and no sign ups ever. Staff is helpful and watches out for loud obnoxious dudes and keeps them in line. Kudos Way better than YMCA

This review from Marty S.I've had my nails done here for more than a year, and I've never had longer-lasting manicure and strong nails. They give you a sugar polishing scrub, and use high-quality products on the nails to enhance growth.The owner worked in a natural nail salon and brought the

This facility is awesome. For the membership fee of just $29.00 a month, which includes unlimited green fees and an awesome athletic club. The atmosphere is great.

If you're looking for an intense studio. this is it. Jiu Jitsu and more. you have to stop by!

The gym is good but could be better. Multiple times I have gone and had to listen to a vacuum cleaner the entire time. I ended up leaving before finishing my workout & returned later that evening to finish.more vacuuming! I complained and was told that they have to vacuum sometime. Nice! The

When you walk in the people are friendly and helpful.

I have been going to 20 minutes for 8 weeks, and I love it! It is the only exercise I do except for walking the dogs, and my metabolism has shot up like crazy. I would highly recommend trying it out. You can go there and get a free consultation and workout-if you do, tell them Sandy C. sent

The worst customer service I have ever received. The male trainers stand around and watch female guests on the cardio equipment, while they completely ignore their clients. Their idea of instruction includes watching others work out and talking with their friends. When I asked for a spotter

If your looking for a place to work out cardio or weights its never busy here. Its a little dusty

Have been going there for a year and I love the girls who work there and work out there. Hopefully the new management will restore it to its former glory!

I love this place! Everyone there is so nice. I have already lost so much.

I found this center to be in great shape, well designed and maintained. The equipment was sufficient in quality and quantity for the 3-a-week regimen though not what an aspiring pro would need. Great classes, wonderful children's programs and knowlegable staff. Pools were older, but clean.

This location offers less classes ( and the same ones over and over). Same boring routines semester after semester, same music each time, same classes. I would like to see more variety and more classes in general. Tends to offer too many step classes. Everyone does not enjoy or want to do step

Its 24 hours + the instructors are great!

This is really a great little health club for women. The classes are awesome, and Cindy the owner is great. Try it, you will like it.

The most expert Tai Chi training I've come across. The school has been around since 1980 and all the classes are taught by the main teacher. Instruction is clear and concise. Nice open space, great floor, good location.