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Staff are nice and it has good clean equipment. I wish there were more classes (especially later at night) as they usually stop at 6.30pm and more variety of classes. It would be nice if they had more tv's and program them to better channels such as MTV not just sport and news (it does not

I have been to several Curves locations and this is one of the best. It is a larger unit with a lot of machines.I only have to go around the circle twice to complete a 30 minute workout. Normally it is at least 3 or 4 times and gets pretty repetitive. The staff is friendly and helpful.

The worse gym ive ever been in my entire life.Ive been aloaround the world and different types of gyms old, new, rusty but none of them was this hazardous. it was so dirty and nasty. i bet anyone $10.000 that place didnt get cleaned at least 6 months. the dust on the biycle and step machines

I go to a health club for the soul purpose of keeping my body and mind in shape. as i was once told by a 87yr. old man who was working out, i was waiting for the use of the equipment, i said, boy you like to pump that iron. he was well toned no wrinkels or muscel loss i am a cna for nursing

SunBlast You are awsome. They Tanned me up quick with an airbrush looks great very detailed gets places that the sun cant and i think it looks better than the real thing, and no skin cancer. Thanks SunBlast! Very pleased. I will definately be back next week

Great to work with. Would recommend to anyone who is looking to lose weight or just get healthy

It is not often you can go to commercial gym that powerlifters, olympic lifters and MMA training is readily available. This particular Gold's Gym recognized the assest of creating the venue to permit such training along with the average fitness patron. The MMA area had mats and a ring and the

The staff is well trained and the classes are great and innovative. It is a great lifestyle.

What can I say, I really like this fitness center. It is clean, well staffed and a wide variety of workout equipment. I'm a former Army Major and Master Fitness Trainer and I'm impressed with all the professional staff. I'm there at least twice a week. Way to go! Kudos to you all Maj Mike Reisman

Great hip-hop and jazz classes! Can't wait to join their ballroom and Latin dancing! I love my instructor's style! I'm impressed! Ekaterina Dance Studio, you're the BOMB!

This company's employee's do not understand the right to privacy. They think it is ok to divulge information about you to their friends. This has made it very uncomfortable for me to enter the doors here. I feel that I, as any other individual have the right privacy and for employee's not to

The Best Customer Service and the best trainers I've seen for years. I'm stickin' with this 24 hour fitness.

Anytime Fitness is a great place to go to work out. There are not a lot of people in the gym at once because everyone goes on their own time. They have great, new machines to work on and they are fun. The atmosphere is quiet, so you are not listening to other gym members work out. They have

This gym has it all! Free weights, all the aerobic machines you could want, a pool, a great kid's play room, and the most professional and friendly staff anywhere! I just started back at the gym and I'm so glad I did. I got a good deal and I already feel better! If you want to join, talk to

Tis gym has it all, nice locker rooms, new and clean equipment, a helpful staff, pool and classes that come with your monthly membership fees. if you dont mind paying a little extra look here before you look for another gym.

Great place to get a light snack during a day pampering.

Caring instruction with great results. They take into account you as an individual and modify moves to suite. The results are fantastic! Highly recommend to people of all ages.

This gym is perfecto i'm 14 year old Destinee & has been @ this gym once before and would die to go back GO THERE!

As some members have already mentioned the cardio room upstairs is not the best. Cramped, poor ventilation. The equipment downstairs is better since they bought new stuff. I've been using the stationary bikes downstairs where there is better ventilation. The restaurant is super. Mick makes

Wanted to bring in kids 15 and 16 to work out.Been a member since day 1 Manager was totally rude would not let kids in.Just canceled so did my wife and another 10 of my freinds this gym stinks!

Not bad at all-very hot atomsphere on Fr/Sa nights after 11pm or so. Especially in Jacuzzi and special set of linked rooms called the alley. Also private rooms and Video group room. New owners claim they are now investing a lot of money to fix up what had become a bit worn down. Starting to

Hahahaha only in Vegas would they have a gym just for homosexuals. Ah well, the photos look nice, the website was o.k., it looks like a good place to join up if you are homosexual.

I joined 24 about 3 months ago & I love it! The club is clean, machines are kept up, & the staff is friendly. My only complaint is that some of the members do not unload their weight after finishing with them. I was a member of Ballys before but never again. Ballys was terrible.any time I went

Yeah, its pretty gross, but whatever it takes, ya know?

I've been to a few different gyms, but this the one I go to for GOOD. The only down part of it is you have to walk to the end of the shopping center to do Aerobics, but other than that, great place! (oh, and there isn't a pool, GRRRRRRR)