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They have this great system where you can pay a lower monthly fee to keep your account active. The problem is when you try to use it you can't get the person you need to talk to on the phone. They will what ever they can to keep you paying your full monthly fees.

Grreat place for the downtrodden. Great place to workout, and great people. What more can I say? They even have a decent restaurant inside that has many healthy alternatives as well as some of the bad stuff if you feel like cheating after your workout.

Great facility. Nice people. Kid friendly. Lots of classes outside of the realm of the fitness center for the whole family. This place is almost a community center. My family loves it there!

Not only is this salon clean and have a friendly knowledgeable staff, the equipment exceeds all the other salons in the area. If you really want a true tan there is no other place to go!

I have been going to this location for a year. Great owner, who creates a lot of incentives. Lost 20 inches and 12 pounds

The bathroom just could use cleanning very awefull for a place like that to have a horriable way of keeping the bathroom,somebody needs to really clean it i'm there every day and the same trash is on the floor since i joined in january and this is now march 25.

It gets VERY hot in there during the summer. They do not use the A/C much. I stopped going there for this reason and the parking. The parking is extremely limited- so you can usually expect a 15 minute wait during the day, or longer in the evening. They also advertise that they are open for

This may not be a glamorous gym, but I have to say it is a great gym. It is a all for women gym. The instructors are great, the child care is wonderful, and all staff are friendly and helpful. If you are looking for a place to workout that is local, convenient, friendly-than this is the place

I get my swell on everyday at Jackson Fitness. I have veins bulging out of my triceps.

Powerhouse gym is NOT awful. I am giving it one star only because the gym is not worth the 5 stars it was rated at before. It is not a bad place to visit and do your workout, but depending on what you are looking for the gym should be rated mediocre at best in its current state. I am only interested

Great Tanning Salon, excellent facilities and fantastic customer service. Beds are also very well maintained

Saves lots of money. Great tan, professional staff, clean booths.

I attend this curves and it is alright. I have noticed a difference in myself in the two months i've attended

Aspen East is a great gym! I joined by purchasing the Introductory membership and now I am a satisfied full time Charter member. Comfortable, Friendly atmosphere. Strongly Recommend!

Signiture,the best gym around,retro should just give it up!JESSICA i love you girl! SAL

The girls that work there are sooo nice and very friendly. They extend their hours during the summer to meet our needs. I highly recommend this salon to anyone looking for a clean, friendly environment.

Read the contract very carefully. and go join another gym small print

I had a great time at this Curves. I felt welcome and will probably join here.

The Harmony Group Pilates Studio in Englewood provides incredibly caring, expert instructors dedicated to empowering clients to realign every aspect of one's physical and spiritual self. an awareness and alignment that takes place not only on the mat or the pilates equipment. Equally transformative

Hardcore! If you want to train and don't want to be bothered by nonsense and people not dedicated to the sport, your welcomed! If looking to meet a friend, go to a bar!

Service, Cleanliness, Attitude Five Star- Waiting- ZERO

I work in the Cranford Corporate Park and just joined this gym. The membership rates are very reasonable considering a majority of their equipment is brand new, including cardio (which is a plus for me). It's a pretty big gym and the showering facilities are excellent (which is important considering

Great atomosphere, great place to work out! Great staff. Excellent location.

Everyone is nice, Great Bulbs, VERY VERY CLEAN! Great Value for your money

The facility itself is far from the nicest. The people are pretty nice though. Follows the CURVES philosopy so it's just a basic, hydrolic system. No treadmills, climbers, classes. for the $ you can do a lot better elsewhere.

The strength training equipment (other than the free motion) is outdated to say the least. For the money this company makes, they should have brand new or at least fairly new Cybex or some other assisted strength equipment. I also don't like that they only have E-Z bars and no straight barbells

I found some of the beds of the same level to be dull. and they never got brighter. I think this place could be better if they kept up with it more. It's also not as clean as other salons, but wasn't bad. If my salon was closed i'd come here.

Meghan Roquemore is a fantastic trainer. She really knows what she is talking about, and is very approachable. I also trust her judgement because it's clear that she works out and has good knowledge of muscle groups and workout techniques to get the best results. She is also a great motivator.

Looks like you guys are spending too much time on line and less time in the gym. Are you smarter than a fifth grader? You should read what you sign. Champion has actually treated me and my friends very kindly. It looks like you tried to get away with something and failed. Why don't you complain

I've been a trainer in North Jersey for over 10 years & I've been to many health clubs in the area - this is THE WORST one I've ever seen. Bally's is a prime example of getting what you pay for. You get lockers & cars that are broken into, half the tv's are on foreign language stations, the

The Little Gym of Hasbrouck Heights is excellent! My child has been there since January 2007. He loves it and so do I.He has learned so much! The staff is unbelievable. They concentrate on each and every student. They are the sweetest people. If you are looking for a gym for your child and

I have been to this gym a couple times, and very pleased with the up keep, and cleanliness. The owner Dave is very helpful and curtious.

The receptionist is quite rude. Don't try calling in and asking any sort of question- they're no help.

This gym is one of the best in the area! The price for the year is unbeatable! While some of the equipment is old and some can be broken, this is a real muscle gym with people who are there to work out and get fit, not socialize and mope around. I have been a member for over four years and

If you want a kick ass work out. This is the place for you!

First of all the gym is always cold, the ac blows right on you when training upstairs. Its not as clean as it used to be. They only have yoga, no other classes or personal trainers. You cannot freeze your membership as in other gyms. The staff is always sourpussed and unfriendly and the equipment

I finally feel comfortable.exercising at a gym. Everyone (clients and staff) is very friendly and all the trainers are extremely knowledgeable. They will work with you in every aspect whether it be weight training, pilates, etc. Also very flexible with the times you want to work out. I would

If you're looking for a gym where you get to know the owner and can always ask for help and advice, this is the place. The people are friendly, lots of fitness activities occur, and if you are unsure about comittment, Mr. Bill is a great motivator.

I have been working out at this gym for many years i love the staff and i think the people that work out there are great as well. As far as the staff goes no one was ever there to rip any off if you got ripped off it was probably becuase of your own stupidity. I know all the staff members there

For strength training this has to be close to the best. Lots of variety. The owner is a body builder so he knows good effective equipment. There are pictures on the wall of various bodybuilders, we can do without them. The cardio is good with lots of equipment.

I love this place! It is a private gym with great personal trainers and awesome small group classes. Members and staff are incredibly down to Earth and supportive. Working out at Living Balanced is empowering!

This gym offers most things you would want - 2 large weight rooms, 12 treadmills with cable tvs, bikes, ellipticals, classes, and limited childcare. They keep the equipment very clean and wash the machines nightly. They close early on weekends though. Overall, not too busy and good prices.

Superb! An amazingly beautiful club! Terrific equipment and great prices! Great women's facility within main club. By far the friendliest and most helpful staff I've ever encountered. A refreshing and sophisticated approach to fitness. I look forward to my next workout!

I used to go to this location because everyone was so nice, until the last time I went there. They had 2 young girls working who were totally clueless. They left me standing there as they tried to figure out the computers and then had the nerve to take someone before me, just because it was

The schools are excelent. Mr.Guzman is the best.

Joined for a second year. Never have done that with a gym before. Easy, convenient, nice atmosphere.

I've been coming to Female Fitness for over 10 years and this place is awesome - like a second home to me and fellow members. The classes are terrific and the staff is always friendly and helpful. The prices are very reasonable and the hours are convenient. I'd definitely recommend this gym

Great gym, clean, best equipment, nice people too!

I've been a member since it opened. I was a size 13/14 and now I'm a size 5/6 jeans. When I get there the music MAKES me want to exercise. The staff is fun and engaged, the ladies range in age from teens to 80 (mainly 40 & up), and the equipment makes me work on every part of my body. It's

I have been a 30 minute exerciser and here I do 90 to 120 min effortlessly. I love the spin classes and thank our Instructor for her expertise and guidance to all students who join the class. My membership is on a month to month basis. There has been no issues in taking months off even at the