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The price that Equinox quotes is absurd (usually $160/mo.), especially considering the price in other cities. Furthermore, if you use this gym, you're can't apply for local membership discounts since it's a flagship location. That said, the facilities are very nice, and very clean. Given the

1.They never arrange the weights in the Gym. Everything is out of place/order. The place is a complete mess. I have never seen an employee try and arrange the weights. 2.The management is iggnorant and rude at the same time. Very uneducated staff. 3.The trainers all have a chip on their shoulder.

This is the best gym in Rochester. No frills, just work out. Great classes, great instructors, nice equipment and lots of it, less expensive than the chain gyms.

Located in a mall. Gym is small, locker rooms are kind of scary, not really clean. Good array of equipment. Membership is cheaper than average.

I can't imagine these people changing after all these years! I studied at this school years ago and the staff and pupils were all so nice and patient. I was a young, awkward little girl that they helped to mature into a graceful young lady!

Nice facilities, HORRIBLE HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! I would try a cheaper gym that doesn't force you into a long term contract. I had to move out of the area and they wouldn't let me get out of the last few months even though I had been a member for 2 years when they had previously told me

Been there. The second you hit the doors, you realize that this place is the 'real thing'. Don't even bother going unless you've got something to prove - to yourself.

I been at Planet Fitness for 1 year but never change my body I tried to go to gym for 3 months and I tried everything to drink protein shake that i bought in GNC I was hoping if someone help me to build muscle and loose all the body fats if there is nay instructor or bodybuilder experiences

I am looking forward to joining after seeing it today! It's a great place i can tell to get serious! I am a former woman Bodybuilder and this is my type of place! Friendly staff and serious people working out there! I start tomorrow and i am really excited to have found this GYM!, Mindy from

The YMCA of Saratoga offers variety of membership options for the four branches it operates (soon to be five). The four branches locations are Saratoga Springs (Broadway), Gick Rd, Malta, Corinth and a new branch opening soon on West Ave in Saratoga. All of which are accessible with the Saratoga

I have been a member of many gyms in my fitness career. When I do my shoulders, in particular overhead dumbell presses, i use heavy weight. Now when one is putting the weights down they MUST drop them, unless your a monkey in which case your hands reach the floor. I was asked not to drop the

The great thing about Bootlegger's is that it's a lot of fun. Right in the middle of an arcade w/laser tag, yet a quiet place to eat. Good kids' menu, and great, good an valubale food for adults as well. Definitely a great place to check out, and there's a good bar in there as well.

I enjoy watching the classes and it's nice to watch the children develop with their skills as well as their confidence. The instructors are very nice and the classes are small enough to offer one-on-one instructions. The school aspect of teaching the children is very good. HOWEVER, on a negative

Really like the staff, lots of room you don't feel like your on top of one another.

Friendly staff, clean environment and friendly members. Good equiptment but an awkward layout. Plenty of room during the day, but around 3:30-6:00 the wait for equiptment slows your workout. Younger members talking on cellphones while sitting on equiptment can be a problem.

Friendly caring atmosphere. You can and will see results!

Some of the best personal trainers I have ever worked with. Results driven. State of the art.

I have attended Balanced Martial Arts for several years and love the sense of family. It is a great place to learn and grow in many of the martial arts while having fun doing so. A great school. Highly recommended.

It has a helpful staff, nice and clean place to work out. equipment is up to date and always adding more.

For once I did not get a sales pitch. Mark listened to my goals understood my fears and instantly knew how to help me get there. At first I was hesitant to meet with a personal trainer but it was the best investment of my life. In a little over 1 year i have lost 43 pounds 6 dress sizes and

If you are looking for a gym with coaches that care about your children, this is the place! They are awesome. The owner is one of the coaches and he has the most positive approach with these children that I have ever seen. Every child that I know that goes there absolutly adores him, and the

I've been a member of the Macedon Curves since October 2005. The owner is a wonderful person with so much knowledge to share! Her employees are friendly, courteous and very well-trained. The members are some of the most friendly and supportive people I have ever met. Not only does the Curves

Like Pittsford Ymca is whirloo, sunea, athletics

Dr. Krehel is the most attentive and practical therapist I know. She listens to every client and customizes therapy. Local doctors refer to her. Her business is clean and the view is peaceful. I love that she brings her dog- I don't feel like i'm at a clinic.

Real deal not really for your once a month lifter, b prepared to work!

Curves Riverdale is a place so many of us call home. What an absurd review written by someone that can't possibly know anything about Curves Riverdale. So many of us have been members of this club since they opened and can't imagine our lives without Curves. This shining star club is amazing

It is one of the best gyms in NY; perfect fitness place, very friendly and helpful staff, and excellent equipments, circuit trainer room and Sauna. All trainers are full of knowledge, very friendly and dedicated to what they are doing. So many different kinds of machines to perform what you

Awful. Their POOL. Terrible. The water is cold all year around. Water heater is broken and never replaced. LifeGuard has to add hot water to it with a hose. No pools rules - if you're bigger and stonger, you get what you want. Life Guards nap/sleep most of the day. Lucky I swimm well. Don't

My 2 year old daughter is enrolled in the toddler program. It has been great for her. The staff is excellent with the children and really encourage the children to be comfortable and learn some basic skills. The balance and coordination that they develop through the school will help in any

All in one facility. No hassales. Enjoyable.


Membership costs are way too much for the outdated and worn out fitness equipment. You can find much better facilities for less. Wieghtroom is tiny and in bad shape with of rips and tears in benches. The benefits are that you get access to a pool and a gymnasium if that interests you. The good

I really tried to like the club. My husband insisted that we sign up for a year and after nine months, I feel qualified to say that this is probably a club you should steer away from if you are younger. The classes are fun, if not always at convenient times. The club is relatively well-maintained.

Excellent - the salon is fully renovated with new equipment. They appear to have the best prices in Yonkers - they constantly run specials and it is under new ownership. Why would I pay top dollar at another salon when I could tan for less and leave with excellent color?

I use to go to this gym back in 07 and i loved it,Everytime that i went i was greeted with a warm smile.It was nerve racking but the staff always made me fee comfortable while i was there.Not only that the gym was clean and it always smelled nice,The classes were great too.Give the chance i

This business has moved to the Upstate NY Jazzercise Center located at 3100 N. Triphammer Road, in Lansing. Call (607)288-4040 or visit for more information.

World Class Gymnastics is amazing. I learned so much and now I'm training to be in the 2012 olympics!

The best of the bunch in NYC. won't bankrupt your wallet or drive you to distraction with bad music.

Here is a list of great things at the Ymca: childwatch adventure room pool pond day camp soccer lessons arobics jacuzzi steam room sauna track and other great things

I have been to many gyms and love this one. It is great for the fitness enthusiast and at the same time may be intimidating to first time gym goers. What stood out to me was friendly and helpful staff. You don't usually get that in a gym so large. Thanks for a wonderful experience. Here you

I'm white. The staff is 90% Dominican. So what? You're not in the gym to talk and give your tongue a workout you're there to work out. So, that said:. I like the gym. Been going there for years. It has plenty of free weights area, and aerobic area. More than most Bally clubs I've been too.

The best Traditional Okinawan Karate around! Beikoku Shido-kan Karate is one of the best in the world. Directly under Sensei Iha one of the worlds great masters!

I have been a long time client of beaux visages in latham, but now there are new owners and new policies. I regret that I will no longer be a client. Some of the front desk staff are very unprofessional and their appearance is terrible. Either their breasts are hanging out or they are in sweatshirts

There is nothing like this gym, the trainers are all golden glove, they work you into a sweat you've never felt. The difference is seen in seconds. They are fun, funny, hard, and totally old school. Worth every penny and every minute of pain.

I like the friendly staff and the knowledgeable trainers and instructors. I have been to other gyms and no one can compare to the safety and comfort level of knowledge and experience that the staff has. Everybody is certified and always welcome to help. I feel comfortable allowing the trained

BEAUTIFUL facility however more of a upper class socialite establishment than a fitness gym

I must say Wow. this gym has it all. i am a current member here and i love it. it has such a great atmosphere. Though the area may seem unfit, the gym is very beautiful and very upscale looking. its never crowded and the cardio machines are always avaliable. Theres also classes available that

Excellent facility! Professional staff & clean. A very personalized staff that was able to help me get moving again after I had knee surgery in January 08'. Thank you for all of your help!

It is one of the best gyms in the city. The classes are great; the trainers are great. Most of the staff is friendly. The locker room area is designed to make you slip and fall on wet floors or have water drip from the sink on you. They maintenance staff usually keeps things clean and stocked.

Best in the City! Everyone is friendly and helpful and supportive.and time passes quickly.