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The biggest issue I have with this gym is their contract. I am in the military and was forced to move across the country. Two of those months I was in a place where I could not make any phone calls. Before I left, I asked an employee to cancel my contract because I was leaving the Charlotte

I joined this gym a little more than 3 months ago. I love the place. It has all the latest equipment, along with a sauna, steam room, basketball court, whirlpool and a indoor pool. It costs a little more than the average place in Raleigh but it is worth every penny because no other area gym

I take my son to Young's and they are wonderful with kids. The overall enviroment is geared toward respect at school, home and at the school. They incorparte school into Taw Kwon Do which adds to a child understanding the importance of academics and althetics. Take your kid!

Great place to get music lessons for the kids while I work out. Unique place!

Leslie is the owner and lead instructor at the Robin Hood Road location of Jazzercise in Winston-Salem, NC. She is so awesome. You never leave her gym without feeling pumped up and better about yourself than when you came in. Leslie is full of encouragement and fun. Once you try Jazzercise

Fantastic! great value for the price of membership. Staff is friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. Facilities are up to date with equipment and classes. It's also tastefully decorated, and immaculately clean.

What a great place! Very reasonable prices and many different options. They are very clean, late hours, and never a wait. The only thing I dislike is that they constantly try to push buying different lotions even if I don't need them.

DO NOT go to this gym and CERTAINLY do not join! Packed with people on cardio machines, few to little weight training availability and NO classes. I canceled my membership EIGHT months ago and I just realized my account is STILL being charged. I contacted them and they REFUSED to reinburse

I am having serious reservations about this place. Looks great, nice place, but the management is arrogant and condescending. $59.00 a month and you can't pay month-to-month, so you are stuck if you have problems. So, in essence, you have to pay the entire year up-front (can you say BALLY'S)!

I've been going to this MAFC for over five years. The staff is friendly and will give you a tour with demonstrations of how each machine works upon membership. The monthly membership is also very reasonable, and I know my parents get a discount since my father is a teacher. There's so much

If you want flexiablity,reasonable and honesty. BUC is the place you want to be trained by. I had Terra for a training and within few weeks I started to see the difference in my body. Have recommended my friends about BUC. Thanks Terra!

Evrything under one roof.great place to lose the wieght.

Total Elite is by far the best fitness center in Robeson County. As a health conscious individual, I find the gym has everything I need. The staff is always welcoming, and willing to help. They offer state of the art equipment, and the new juice bar is great! They offer great deals, and the

This Y is so courteous and helpful. Bob at the front desk is the greatest PR! Calls everyone by name and is sooo helpful! Keep up the good work!

I love Total Results! It's a much different environment than any other gym I have belonged to. People there actually care about FITNESS- it's not a social club like other gyms. The staff is friendly. The trainers hold 4 year degrees and are very knowledgeable. The childcare workers are great.

The best club I have ever been a part of. The owners are always around, Never crowded, easy access, good hours, plenty of equipment and affordable!

Clean facility. Great customer service. Great price. Limited Free weight Not much space to workout in Requires more workout equipment Good for beginner not the experienced

I really like going to Curves to work out b/c the staff are so friendly and helpful.

They made a big splash when they came to town, but did not deliver. I joined this facility only to find that they changed their hours after promising to be 24 hours. The air conditioning seems to never work and the staff is non-existent. I left them for Golds Gym and am glad to have made the

I thought all spa were the same. Not so. The Ultimate Spa is small, resonalbe and the service is great. Best I have had anywhere.

I just love Shapes, my trainer helped me drop 4lbs in one week

This place is only a show room for all the machines the real gyms have

Great gym. Great classes. Clean, Convenient and great facility.

For the cost of throwing a great party yourself this place is a steal! They are totally organized and keep the kids moving! Better yet they keep a gift registry while the gifts are being opened so you know exactly who gave what. The best thing of all.No Clean Up!


I thoroughly enjoy working out at the Fitness Center. The staff is wonderful, and they have a wide range of equipment, as well as indoor and outdoor tracks, and a pool. The locker rooms are clean, and towels are provided in the monthly fee. The hot tub is by the pool, and there is a dry sauna

I have tried everything to lose weight. I signed up for what I thought would be just another gym membership. I was wrong. Margaret the trainer & nutritionist at the gym helped me every step of the way to shed 45lbs. I could not have been this successful without her help and knowledge. I love

I was very impressed with B-Risque Fitness when I first joined. After my 1 year contract. I filled out the necessary paperwork to cancel my membership. When I asked them for a copy of it they said the copy machine was broken, so I asked them to fax it to me and they said they didn't have a

They have a great gym. They could offer better classes more frequently so u could fit them in your schedule and stay open longer. But all in all i like them. the worst part is you HAVE to sign a contract. If you're like me and you dont know where you're going to be 3 years from now. Its not

This is a GREAT! Place to sart and complete any goal you set for yourself! Yes. If you are toning or loosing weight! This is it! The Peolpe here are kind and caring and very very encourging every day! If you need to loose a little or a lot This Is The Place to Be! Remember, start with goals

The YMCA drafted my account for the yearly amount not monthly without my permission for membership and childcare. My bank account was devasted!

This is the place to workout in Charlotte! No frills and no wasted time, they have heavy bags, a full size ring and lots of free and machine weights. I will return week after week.

I have been going to this location on and off for almost two years. I like the fact that I have only waited one time and the service is quick

I have recently joined AC Fitness for women. I was skeptical after reading reviews here, but I have been very pleased. There is one machine that is waiting for a part, but all other equipment seems to be in excellent condition. I have not encountered any of their restrooms out of order or problems

The staff is nice enough, but there isn't enough of them. I always stood in a line and the employees were either helping people, or cleaning beds, they never had enough people to do both. But the staff definitley knew what they were talking about and always gave great advice!

My daughter took the beasts and superbeasts level classes here and loved every minute. We were happy with the instructors and the classes! I would definitely recommend this branch of the Little Gym to anyone!

Mike Inabinett and his staff are committed to helping people be healthy. They ask how members are doing with their workouts and make suggestions when asked. This is not just a sales pitch and there are plenty of memebrs who just go, workout and leave but if you are looking for a place that

I joined at one of the other locations, but use this location mainly because it is closer to my work. This club is a little smaller than the others, but has excellent equipment in great shape and the members and staff are all very friendly! I would recommend this location to anyone wanting

Wow! Terrific staff and state of the art facility. The Locker rooms are plush. A definite must see!

The staff has been excellent with my kids, focus on self esteem. my kids love going to the classes, though little gym does games and other activities, not just gymnastics in that hour. the gym allows you to make up classes you have missed, which is a huge plus.

This is hands down the best gym in Charlotte. Super Clean, great equipment. Word is spreading fast about how much better this place is than Peak.

The staff is very helpful and bends over backwards to make sure your visit is pleasent. I would give them five stars. Sally and Joyce are great. Five stars all the way

I love palm beach tan on creedmoor rd! they are awesome, the people there are so nice. i absolutly love their beds. expecally the bronzers! keep up the good work!

Recently renovated, new equipment and everything (racquetball, basketball & swimming) on site