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Ohio Health is a great place to work out. No meat heads here, just people of all ages and abilities who want to work out. The staff is very helpful.

What a great place to work out!not only do they have state of the art equipment but the classes and instructors are top-notch! a real first class club!

I agree with reviewer Lora also! This is SO unprofessional. I have young children and I WILL not put them in the middle of this. Franklin Park is WAY overcrowded now (I tried it, and will not go back) and it is SO dirty. The whole situation is completely unacceptable - meanwhile, while they

Victory Lady Fitness is a serious disappointment in all areas. They have limited equipment which is not taken care of or maintained. Their hours of operation are extremely limited and make it impossible to workout on the weekends when most of us have time. The cardio machines are outdated as

The guy who reviewed before me must be an arrogant fool. The owners are nothing but helpful and everyone was willing to offer advice and assistance to me. I am a begginer and felt welcomed every time I walked in. Not too crowded but not deserted either. I can only guess that this guy went in

Curves is a great place and the owners of this Curves are the greatest. It really will help you get in shape and lose weight.

I just started powerlifting a month ago. I decided to check out the closest gym. The first night i went to just check it out. All my questions were answered and very profesionaly done. The people that work out there are at all levels. Some of the guys that have been lifting for awhile have

Great Place to workout and lose weight. Todd is a wonderful person and trainer. Very Immportant to everyone.

They are making a lot of changes. There's been a lot of turnover, so there is a new person in just about every position. Most everyone is still excited about their position and ready for change. They hired a cute new program director who is really motivated and is really making a lot of improvements

I love the fact that I can work out knowing that if I am not doing an excercise right someone will gladly come over and show me how to do it right. I also like the fact that everyone, not only employees,but also other members are soo nice! It is very relaxed and not all hyped up like the other

We call this our girls club. I have been to the other Curves in the area and believe me they are not all created equal. This place is different. Please disregard the previous 2 star rating as I entered that by accident. This is a FIVE!

There's a reason why Life Center's customers come from all over - it's a great place. I highly recommend it.

This business is open it used to be World Fitness & Tanning Judy Pietrowski is the new owner since July 2007 Love all the changes she has made. Great atmosphere.

This is a no frills gym with no hidden costs, always friendly service, and a family like atmosphere. Its exactly what I need, you cant find this kind of service and support anywhere else!

I was a member of the C.E. in N. Royalton and I miss it very much. I had the better results in 5 months than I had for 1 year at Curves. I hope another franchise opens in my area very soon. I would sign up in a heartbeat.

Towne Atheletic Club is an excellent place to get a workout and meet new people. Featuring palaties, personal trainers and occasional wallyball and raquetball leagues. Owners work everyday! Nice place overall.

The RAC is not a large facility, but it has everything you need. The Woodway treadmills are by far the best treadmills on the market. Several different elliptical trainers are available, a full Nautilus circuit and free weight area. Friendly employees, a neighborhood atmosphere. One thing it

Fit4You offers great service and the people are friendly.

This is a new, very nice tanning salon. Always very clean, with bathrooms, sinks, lotions, perfumes and deodorants. The pricing is also reasonable-$20 bucks for a month. My only complaint is that the only have stand-up beds. I like to nap while tanning, so I quit my membership. I want to relax.

This is a very clean fitness center. I have enjoyed using their pool and reformer pilates classes. The prices are reasonable.

I love the famliness of this place. Yes, it's small, but that's what I like about it. They know my name when I come in, remember my child and go out of their way to help you on machines or to encourage you to do your best. The ladies who work here sincerely care about your health (the ones

A very clean facility. Staff are encouraging and give alot of support

I love the Yoga Place - It has everything I can think of for a Yoga studio to offer - you can join the classes at any point in time, focus on your own practice and feel as welcomed and comfortable as if you had been there for years. It's peaceful, quiet and focused. It's spotless. I love the

The staff is very friendly and helpful. The atmosphere makes It a comfortable place to workout. The location helps keep me on a regular excercise schedule.

Have been being charged for childcare services since 2003. Have not been a member since 2005. I understand I should have been more diligent and timely regarding the recurring debit charge. When the Rocky River Dr. site closed, I started to inquire about my contract and found out there was location

Maybe not the safest place but I definately got hooked on it. You can be whatever you want, it became my favorite place to get away and really be my true self. I have moved away and miss it!

This is the place where I work out. I like this place because there are not alot of muscle heads here. IT is not too crowded and you can pretty much get assistance from Chris and Harry anytime they are nto training someone. I got Chris as a personal trainer for a month and during this time

I've been a member for a while (was previous member before they changed hands), and they do a pretty good job. They could improve in the consistency of group fitness classes offered, keeping the locker rooms clean (only cleaned once per day- YUCK!; sometimes the ladies' room is disgusting),

This place is well laid out and very personal. I was skeptical of joining a health club in a strip plaza, however I went to check this facility out and was very pleased. I was given a free week to try the place out and was very pleased. I was greeted personally buy the owner a number of times

I've been a member at Drake's for over 2 years, and enjoy the simple, down-to-earth atmosphere and the friendliness of all the other members. If you want a no-nonsense gym, this is your place.

My contract with this company expired a month ago, yet I am still being charged. Even though I signed a cancellation request, they are still charging me and giving me the run around when I call.

I have been a member of world gym for 14 months and it is a great place to workout. The people are freindly and willing to offer advice and help to other people working out. also the staff is friendly and very knowledgeable.

Great gym, great people. Everything you need to get in shape.

I love this particular Curves, because the ladies there are so nice and low key. The staff there is very friendly and do what they can in order to make each workout count and produce the maximum results. Curves is honest and makes you aware of the real commitment it takes to get in shape or

They are so helpful here. It is a great place that when you walk in you dont feel like something is wrong with you if you are over weight. Everyone (including members) are very helpful and respect that you are trying to change.

I was an employee of this YMCA as well as a member. It is an older facility, so not set up as many new Y's are. The fitness area has been recently expanded, and the gymnasiums are excellent. It also has an indoor track that's hardly ever crowded. The aquatics could use more structure, however,

That is the way everyone at thius hospital makes you feel. The anesthesiologists were so much better than previous ones at another location. Nurses and lab techs and everyone were supportive and quite competent. My hubby and I could relax and trust their care.

STAY AWAY, SAVE YOUR MONEY!Equipment is dated, staff is igorant and incompetent. Quiet possibly the worst establishment I've ever been too. Upper management is pretty horrible including their call center staff.

With three floors of free weights, treadmills, stair climbers and a wealth of other exercise equipment, the Omni remains the top standard of clubs in the area. The basketball courts have been used for practice by top NCAA and NBA teams, the swimming pool has six lanes for lap swimmers and a

It's always been hard for me to go to a gym. I always felt intimidated. I don't have the fancy, expensive workout clothes. people are so competitive. BUT AT CURVES ITS BETTER! No one cares what you wear (be comfortable), everyone is working to the same goal (be healthier), and NO COMPETITION.

This womens gym is fabulous! They have everything you need from equipment,to classes to training to tanning to massages and facials to weight loss programs and competitions. I have been a member there for five years and would never leave. Check it out!

We have been very pleased by the service offered at the Beechmont Racquet Club. It is very family oriented with a unusually wide range of facilities and activities for all ages, all offered at a very reasonable rate. The staff is particularly friendly and knowledgeable, and always makes you

I have been a member of several clubs and gyms. Gold's is by far the cleanest. They work at maintaining the equipment and the staff is very helpful. You get a lot for your membership.

I went to this studio for the first time recently and encountered a warm welcome and a great workout! There were kind faces and nobody made me feel awkward for not knowiong every pose! I highly recommend this studio.