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We chose to join this gym because of the gyms' hours. We were given a code to enter the gym anytime we want to work out. 24/7 - 365! Other gyms had hours that we had to work around. Both of us work all day and have dinner/kid activities in the evening and liked the fact that we can work out

I've only been a member for a short time, but my experience getting started was a good one. The staff was helpfull and honest. The club was very clean and up to date, the equipment looked brand new, and the prices were very fair.

Very nice people, great equipment, and its really not that expensive :)

This is one of the nicest gym I have ever worked out at. Everyones so friendly and you're never embarresed about anything. Great Gym!

Good moves, good people,great price,good facility,

This gym may look nice inside but it leaves something to be desired when it comes to its customer service. If you are do not spend the extra hundreds of dollars on personal training sessions or extra activities, the gym staff will be rude to you. If you raise questions about their their processes

This place's equipment is so old it has wrinkles. The locker rooms are lacking with no pool, no steam room and the blow dryers are from 1932. The staff at the front desk always have a rude smile awaiting for you. The tanning bed rooms are worse than jail cells. Hellooooo. why do you think EVERYONE

I like OAC because of the friendly environment. The members of the facility are very respectful along with the owners.


This is my absolute favorite place to wind down. The child care is great and Susan the Pilates instructor is awesome. You can also tan here if you are interested.

I love the people here. There is no place like it! Terry is full of energy and keeps you going. Thanks Terry!

I love going to Curves. i've lost weight just by going there and exercising. it's low impact hydrolic machines where you can go at your own place.i like the music they favorite part about it is that it's just for women!

I love this place. It's not often ladies feel comfortable in a gym environment, but Dr. Tim goes out of his way to help and is always seems to be there to offer a word of encouragement. I look forward to going to the gym and I'm making good progress.

Cant seem to keep the equipment fixed and in light of the fact that there is not much equipment that is not good. Also other things break and could be simple fix but are not fixed. Such as a loose toilet seat, overhead bathroom light (they are currently using a stand lamp)? Hours are not the

Gives great service! My personal Training was awesome! Got very toned and in shape.


This is a pretty good gym. They have a front room for kids up to five years old, and then a back room with a basketball court for kids 5+ You have to be at least 13 to work out. I go there almost every day. I recommend it. We get our babysitter from there too.

Great atmosphere, thater room, loads of clean maintenanced equipment! No watits to get on equipment! I love it

It is clean and has all the weights/cardio equipment I need. The equipment is all fairly new. It does lack the nice extras like cardio cinema. I also wish its hours were longer. I have not tried the classes or the smoothie bar, so can't comment on them. Overall I am pleased with the gym and

This place was a great place to rock climb for my friends and me, since we're only 14 we can't really go real rock climbing yet.

Got a free trial class for my daughter. Everyone really friendly. Looks like a lot of fun!

Most of the employees here are unproffesional. Old rusty equipment. Unauthorized charges on my account, after I cancelled my membership! Oh and the childcare offered is awful. The room is nasty. Please don't make the same mistake I did.