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Justa great place to work out talk and enjoy!

I just love everything about Tacoma. I will be revisiting Tacoma in Jan/Feb 2008, I want to become involved with the community work.

This place is ok. Its a nice but there are not very many classes. The classes they have are in the middle of the day and they don't cater to anyone who works.

I couldn't believe how affordable the personal training at Define Fitness Studio was when I first heard about it. At my old gym I was paying $65 per session, so I couldn't believe my ears when a friend of mine told me her trainer at Define Fitness was only charging her $25 per session. Even

I agree, this place switched from a all WOMENS club to co-ed without saying a word to it's current members. What is up with that? They know that most of the women who joined, joined because it is women only. This is totally wrong. At least they should have told us. I have been going to this

They say once you join they take care of their customers yet i found out it was a lie. they did not ever give me an introduction like they said they would and then I couldn't come in for awhile yet they just kept biling me without even caring about their valuable customer

Has a great assortment of classes to take, wonderful personal trainers and alot of equipment

Awful customer service. The place is dirty, twice this week I have had gum on my keys or on my towel from some inconsiderate person leaving their gum on the equipment. The family hates the pool; the chemicals are too strong. We found worms in the grout around the hot tub. I have asked for a

I work out here all the time. They take fairly good care of the exercise equipment and keep it maintained. Some of the heart rate sensors are broken on the treadmills, stationary bicycles, eliptical trainers, etc. but other than that, the equipment is, like I said, fairly well maintained. The

Very clean facility, respectful and helpful staff. I can get in my weights and cardio in an adult environment.

Curves is an hour and a half workout in ONLY 30 minutes. It is fun, fast and safe and did I mention FUN. Women empowering women. What a great place to go and get fit and they also have a weight management program. This place is awesome. Go check it out!

I've been a member for 7 months and it's by far the best gym I've been to. There are staff members that clean each piece of equipment as soon as we finish. The staff are very friendly and call my kids and I by name. I feel very comfortable there, since there are people of all types. The personal

I LOVE the anytime tanning and have enjoyed using the different Club locations. I started and contiue to use Buckley, used Orting and am now using the new Auburn Club sometimes. They are all great. the Auburn Club is amazingly nice! Anytime Fitness is the best choice and the 24/7/365 access

This is my team and I love it here, so if you are looking for a team to go to you HAVE TO GO TO Oxford Premier! leah

Gosh I miss this gym. I moved away and have yet to find one that comes close to the attention and comraderie that is at Headquarters. I was at my best, physically and mentally, while working at Headquarters; encouragement while working out was always supportive, but the best encouragement came

I've never visited a gym in years. I was very nervous, but the staff made me fill welcomed.

I had a fabulous day at this spa! That was eight months ago. I go back every three weeks now for my tune up! They offer a very relaxing atmosphere coupled with a very experienced team of therapist. I make the drive to come here when there are several spas near by my home because I know what

The gym is old and equipments are worn out. staffs are very rude and racist!

This is a wonderful fitness facility. Pool, dry sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, basketball court and separate group exercise and separate cycling rooms. Lots of cardio equipment. The best personal trainers in the area. Lots of parking and lighted parking lot. Would highly recommend a membership.

Great location, flexible schedule, friendly atmosphere, challenging workout, professional Instructorship, a real QUALITY program!

This is one of the best personalize one on one training facilities I have ever experienced

Exceptional in all respects. Two years of great service. So much more than just a physical fitness center. Many classes. Wonderful owners and Staff!

They demand your phone# so that if you decide not to join they call you at home to harass you into joining. They push their supplements on you as what is needed to help you lose weight and add muscle.

The downtown Pure Fitness is a very tired looking gym. They are weak on free weights, the locker rooms are in disrepair, and half of their treadmills should be replaced. With so many gyms in and around the downtown area, this is probably one that you should skip. The only plus that leaps to

Great service, nice people. These guys are dedicated to you fulfilling your personal fitness goals- want to get ready for a bike ride? A triathalon? A marathon? This is the place for you. They create a fun environment to do it in too - laughing and sweating together. Awesome business.

This place is okay. The workers are very friendly and they do have some good classes. But its old and very dirty. Seems to me that there are a lot cleaner places you can go and it would be worth your money.

The Trainers at Accel are by far the best in the vancouver area

If you enjoy inhaling perfume and cologne while working out you will love it here! I feel that all gyms should have a no scent policy, but although I have suggested it, Mieko's doesn't agree.

Bally just received new equipment in both the weight room and machine room. Good time to visit the Bally in Eastgate.

This 24hours fitness on Yale Ave is AWFUL. Over-crowded in the evenings that my wife and I go to (Tue, Thur.). Air circulation is bad, feels like breathing in bad air while working out. Both men and women showers are horrible. In men showers, either the dispenser is gone or no soap, locker

The old space was cool, but this new space is great! Free parking and easy access, There located right on 5th and Denny.I can walk from Belltown this joint rocks! Check it out!

Although the staff is friendly, you will never see the same employee longer than a few months. The customer service is unpredictable, management unresponsive, and machines are not regularly repaired. I would skip this stop on your search.