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The owner and management of this gym are horrible. They have a habit of just kicking their members out for no solid reason. I was kicked out after 12 years due to a "suspicion" of soliciting their clients and bad mouthing the club. They didn't even want to hear from ME they just kicked me out.

I have been with the Energy trainers for many years. I always had a focus on fitness but lacked consistency in my efforts. Energy changed that. Within the first month at Energy I experienced the kind of positive difference that said, I am doing good things for my body. The trainers are skilled

SwimWest is the BEST! Thank you for offering quality swim lessons!

Titletown fitness is a incredible bargin. $10 per month gives you a pool, whirlpool, sauna, the best equiped cardio room in green bay, circuit training, hammer strenght equipment, and free weights. The group classes are great and they offer a weight class called Power, Yoga class called Centergy,

Scamps gymnastics is great it may be expensive but its worth it

The equipment is getting old and is in need of replacement at this time. The people are very friendly, both those working and working out there, and the atmosphere is not intimidating at all. People of all shapes, sizes, ages and fitness level work out there. Definitely read any contract you

Within the first 3 months of seeing Jeanne, I noticed a difference in my weight loss (25 lbs. & 20 inches), muscle tone and overall energy. They have great knowledge of fitness training and tailored a program for me. I believe Jeanne's special diet is what help me reach my goals.

OAC has new managment, and they have turned that place around! All the employees there are super friendly and helpful. They know their clients by name. They have installed alot of new equipment, including several ellipticals, many new treadmills and new weight machines, too. They offer various

I love working out in the no-stress, welcoming atmosphere. The machines are well kept and modern! The staff is helpful and friendly. Whether you are a newby to the scene or an old pro, you will feel comfortable here!

The Prairie Athletic club is a nice facility thats clean and has a lot of good actiivities. A waterpark in the summer, and even an indoor soccer facility. The place can't be beat for its facility. But the staff is a completely differenty story. The accounting department is ABYSSMAL. We were

Everyone is professional, friendly, and they make you feel welcome. They just added a wirlpool. And they have a great restarunt that is just perfect! Also.the gym itself is worth your money:)

I love that this fitness center is 24 hrs, so I can go whenever its convenient for me. Also everyone is really friendly and my trainer is so creative- we do things I've never seen at another gym & I love that she finishes my workout with yoga. I always feel great when I leave there!

Really like this club! It has everything but the high rates! Family atmosphere. Zumba dance and other exercise classes are FREE, offered several times and days excluding Sundays. If you don't need a pool, this is your place! Never crowded, get on the machines you like. Family friendly, 12 and

The RecPlex has it all. A daycare for the kids to go play in while you go workout. The gym have a HUGE field house, for basketball and volleyball. There is an indoor pool, raquet ball courts. A state of the art fitness room. Indoor track, yoga room, spin cycle room, areobics room. Personal

Friendly, helpful staff, great equipment, clean & well equipped incl. the bath/shower rooms!

When I was in town on business, I was surprised that such a small town had a full service health club open 7 days a week. When I am back in town, I would definitely go back again.

Nice, knowledable people. Helpful but not pushy for you to purchase their products. Have a wealth of information for you to look at. Limited food varieties in house but able to order or help you find what you are looking for. A very positive experience, even is someone is a sceptic.

Curves of monroe is wonderful! I just had my 3rd child and am the biggest I have ever been. The person i see in the mirror doesn't feel like me. I statrted curves of monroe 2 months ago and the staff is wonderful. There friendly and make every curves day a great experience but it also helps

A bit small but its not crowded and has everything you need.

He teaches just about everything. I am a brown belt in karate due to his talent. He is always is competions. Send your kids or family to get trained by the best.

I have been to probably every martial arts school in the Madison area and this one is probably the cleanest, most professional school I have ever been in. The space is huge with a matted floor and NO POSTS. It has excellent parking, is easy to get to (even in a snow storm), and even has a locker

Flex Fitness Center is a locally owned and operated gym providing personal training, tanning, cardio, nutrition info, and so much more.

I was told by a staff member that my complaint wasn't valid. It was amazing. Too bad such a gorgeous facility has such an awful reputation for aggressive staff and what is left of the customers are those that are also aggressive.

This is a great way for people to get in shape who want to go at their own pace. The instructors are fabulous and so friendly and don't push you until you puke. Each class is different and a great workout - the instructors encourage you to go at your own pace and fitness level, which is super

This is an awesome gym. alot of equipment, great classes and all for only 99.00 per year. the other health clubs are priced way too high. ultimate fitness is the best! i have belonged there for over 2 years now, and am very happy there. i also belonged to the Y for 4 years and golds for 14

New Address! 1921 S Washburn St, Oshkosh, WI? This is a Wonderful Club! The instructors are caring and knowledgeable. The atmosphere and people there are very inviting and accommodating. They have talent and skill to work with every age group! It is not just a business, but a place to learn,

Wow! How unprofessional. My wife and I joined Edurance Fitness and apparently they had hired an outside consultant to recruit new members such as ourselves and the consultant/recruiter told us that we would be reimbursed the remaining membership fees if we had to relocate out of state due to

This is a great gym to join. It's cheap and its a month to month contract.

It rocks. this is the most friendly gym i have ever been a member of. the fees are affordable and the equipment and classes are first rate. definitely check this one out!

For the price, this is the BEST health club in town, they offer personal trainers, a large variety of classes such as Pilates, kick boxing, cycling etc. and I have belonged there about 15 years.

I love working out here! It has all brand new equipment, even the latest ellipticals, which are great! The staff is extremely friendly and the classes aren't packed full! I recommend to anyone looking for a club downtown on the square that they take a look at Pinnacle!

Great prices for a super tan. Family owned.

Given Southridge Athletic clubs long term members I would caution a new member to be observant about the cleanliness and care of the facilities to include the age of the equipment. Members are social and fun.

Great gym, especially if you work on or around the square. Most of the cardio machines have their own TV with cable, plus the class are great.

With the birth of Cardinal Fitness in Milwaukee for only $19.95 a month based on a MONTHLY membership with NO long contracts, I would never again go back to Victory Lady! I signed up for membership 2 years ago and within the time frame they give you to get out of contract, they sure hassled

After reading these reviews I went to check this club out. I ended up joining because it's everything they all said it was and some. I can't tell you enough how great this concept is going be for me. I have been so tired of the big clubs and their constant price increases. Many clubs lack customer

I enjoy using this branch's equipment. Many exercises to choose from. Slightly out of my way, but well worth the trip.

This is the best MMA/Muay Thai gym in the state.possibly the Midwest. There are multiple UFC fighters that train or have trained under Duke, he is a phenomenal coach. Check it out, well worth the money.

I lifted at the animal house for almost 3 years, and always enjoyed my time there. they have all the machines and free weights you could ever need, and the memers respect each other and the unspoken rules of weight rooms. cleaning up after yourself, putting plates back on the racks, and respecting